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Health benefits of Banana

Health benefits of Banana

Banana image

Banana is one of the fruits that is commonly found around us.most of us just take it but has never really  thought of how beneficial it is to the body. today, I'll be letting you know some of the health benefits of this fruit.

It is a great source of energy:  Banana is an excellent breakfast for kids and adults as it provides the required energy for the day's use. it does this by converting the natural sugars into instant energy and this is one of the reasons sportsmen consume it at intervals.

It Helps to fight cancer : Bananas is made up of lectins , The substance has been linked to cancer reduction and cure. they stay intact in the blood and alter the growth of cancer related cells.

Helps in reducing stress level : Banana contains tryptophan, a substance that when injected into the human bloodstream can turn into a feel good type of can otherwise be known as Serotonin and good level of serotonin makes our moods better.

High fiber content aids digestion : Fiber is a natural digestive aid that helps to keep your digestive tract in top shape and encourages healthy bowel movements. Bananas are rich in fiber. in addition, the fiber in bananas can also help relieve the symptoms of heartburn.

Good for Ulcers: Eating bananas regularly may help protect against stomach ulcers. Compounds in Bananas seems to create a thicker protective protective barrier in the stomach against hydrochloric acid. Bananas also contain protease inhibitors that work to eliminate certain bacteria in the stomach implicated as a major cause of stomach ulcers.

Banana has high content of Vitamin B6 : Bananas are high in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 Helps in the process of creating a healthy blood through Hemoglobin provision.It also helps in the keeping a healthy sugar level in the blood , Breaking and synthesizing of amino acids,it also helps in building the body defense system through anti bodies production.

Helps in stabilizing Blood Pressure : Did you know that  blood pressure can be kept under control by enough potassium in the body. High  intake of magnesium, calcium and potassium can also reduce high blood pressure. the good news is that banana is rich in these three items and you should really considering taking more of banana to keep your blood pressure issues in check.

Helps in Kidney disorders : Bananas contain potassium which regulates the balance in fluid content of the body. this helps to reduce pressure on the kidney and helps in encouraging urination. this process helps to reduce toxins accumulation inside the body by increasing the urination frequency and also increases the urination volume.

Helps in Eye Health : Bananas are one of the prime source of Vitamin A and betacarotene that can help you maintain your eye health. they also helps to maintain the structure that brings light into the cornea so you can see more effectively.
they are other reasons but i will stop here today.don't forget to take the next banana that you see.

Monday, 2 October 2017



The best way to save good moments are through pictures .Its a sad thing that Some of us keep complaining on how bad our phone cameras are that we skip to save those precious memories. Today i bring you good news, as a group of Talented Individuals  are willing and ready to teach you how to use your phone camera to capture great images. According to the organizers, The Phoneography class is design to teach you how to capture and edit amazing images with your phone camera. The event is schedule to take place as follows:
Date: 6th and 7th of October, 2017. 
Venue: The Root Hub, Akees Plaza, Uyo.
Forms will be available at the venue for only One thousand naira only (#1000).
No Phone Camera Is Too bad to capture beautiful moments.


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Happy Independence Day To Nigerians

Happy Independence Day To Nigerians

image of Nigeria's Independence
Freedom is a necessity in life and it is on this note that  We at join the rest of the world To wish Nigeria a happy Independence day.We celebrate Every Nigerian and encourage that everyone preach peace because our strength lies in our diversity. Lets join our hands to make Nigeria the land of our dreams.
image of Ibomstore

In the spirit of this year's Independence celebration, The management of ibomstore has announced a 50% price slash on all their products. To Enjoy this offer,  , visit ibomstore , sign up and place your orders.Nationwide delivery available. Once again,Happy Independence Nigeria

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 Introduces live chat support Introduces live chat support

In quest to serve our customers better, Ibomstore is happy to announced the commencement of  a 24/7 round the clock Live chat support on the official website of the store  starting from today 27/09/2017. This became necessary  following the need for us to stay closer to our customer and also guide them through any challenge they might experience during their online shopping with us. We are determined to deliver a world class customer support system that the whole world will be envious of. So next time you are shopping with us and you get stucked or require any clarification, Remember that we are one click away from you. Just click on the chat button and one of our agents will be at your service.
We also  use this medium to Wish all Nigerians a Happy Independence Day Celebration in advance. We have special  mouth watering discounts for all our customers that will shop with us on that day.You can't afford to miss out.
Ibomstore is poised at making online shopping as easy, fast, reliable, trustworthy and comfortable as possible. We promise to Maintain the high quality standard that we are currently operating on. We appreciate our loyal customers for their massive support and Trust.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Akwa Ibom At 30 : What's Your Take On The Journey So Far

Akwa Ibom At 30 : What's Your Take On The Journey So Far

On 23rd September, 2017 Akwa Ibom State turned 30 Years and The government and the people of the state named after God rolled out lots of activities to Mark The day. Before the day, The Akwa Ibom State Ministry for Culture and Tourism had earlier launched the #OrangeCampaign  And The #ColourMeOrange which actually Trended on social media and really created a lot of awareness.  So many other activities  took place  within that week and a lot of Akwa Ibomites were engaged in one way or the other. It was truly a thing  of joy as the vice president of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria Commissioned some Very laudable projects. 
Orange September  image
Photo source
30 is a lot of years and today I will like to get your views on  The achievements of the state so far through the comment section. Do you think we've performed well as a state or Do you think We've failed, Please Give reasons for your answer. Also drop your suggestions on what you think we can do to progress and develop faster.

Health Benefits of Garden Egg (Aubergine)

Health Benefits of Garden Egg (Aubergine)

Garden egg  other wise known as Auberine is a common fruit that is available in so many places, but it is a sad thing to note that so many people ignore it. Maybe people ignore it due to ignorance and their inability to see the numerous functions that it plays in the body.
I have decided to Enlighten a lot of you on the need to start taking this fruit by Writing on the Health Benefit of this fruit.
Garden Egg image

Enough of the intro, lets get to the main deal.
Did you know that Garden egg is a rich source of fiber to the body?, if you didn't , then its time for you to Know. Garden Egg is rich in fiber and it is therefore recommended for people that are interested in weight loss. Instead of taking slimming pills here and there, you can just sit at the comfort of your home and take more of garden egg .Remember a workout plan is needed to loose weight.
The rich Fiber content of garden egg also plays a vital role in lowering cholesterol level in the body. Lowered cholesterol level helps protect the heart and lungs in the process. The fiber also aids in the digestion process and reduces constipation. Lots of us sufferer really from constipation and we all take one drug or the other, It is good to know that all those excess drugs can be avoided by including Garden Egg in your diet plan.
Another important job that Garden Egg does is that it  helps in lowering the blood sugar level  in the body and it is therefore recommended for diabetics patient.
Other functions of Garden egg includes

  •  It also provides natural source of vitamins, Helps in bone strengthening minerals and also aides the blood circulation process.
Garden Egg image
 Lest i forget, It is important to state that Garden egg is not Expensive and can be found in any food store close by. It is so much available and affordable.
There are many other functions of Garden Egg that i won't be mentioning but with the little I've mentioned, I hope that  I have been able to make you see reasons with me on the need to include this Fruit  in your daily diet. So when next you go shopping, Do well to include it in your shopping list.
You can add other good benefits by using the comments section if you've been eating the fruit.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Image of Never Give Up On Your Dreams

One thing to note is that there will never be a time in your life that is the right time to do a great thing, stop waiting for the perfect timing and perfect moment that might never come.
The only thing you can do is to create the perfect moment and timing yourself. A lot of people stop growing and become satisfied with their current state, a lot of people commit spiritual sucide by not chasing their goals, they keep going to a work that they don't like, they keep doing what they don't want. The truth is, Until you leave your comfort zone, You will never discover the talents and abilities that you have but didn't know you have. You need to start doing something beyond what you have been doing to start growing. Take a  moment and think,
what is that thing that you wanted to be, what is that goal that you wanted to achieve, Is anything worth sacrificing your happiness for?, Don't wait until your friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters or parents supports you, get up now and chase it.If you are not where you want to be at this time, it has nothing to do with the system but its all in your mindset.
Get the positive mindset and go after your dreams because if you don't build yours today, then you will definitely be building for someone else.Also remember that the grave yard is a place where you will surely find what would have been the greatest inventions and ideas that were never executed because of fear.
Always remember that the biggest enemy that you have to conquer is the enemy that you see right in front of the mirror.determine to conquer it by all means.
Finally, Never let today's pain make you give up, challenge yourself and harnessed today's pain into a song of victory tomorrow.Refuse to give up on your dreams, Refuse to give up on your career, Refuse to give up on your academics, Refuse to give up on your relationship and Refuse to give up on God.
You only get to pass through this world only once, make it count

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Step By Step Guide On How To Process Cassava Tuber Into Garri

Step By Step Guide On How To Process Cassava Tuber Into Garri

Cassava as we all know is a note worthy crop in Many African countries, the products of this crop make up over 50% of the daily meals of Nigerians.Right now,  The Government and people Of Nigeria are doing all their best to improve the availability of this product to ease the food production process and reduce cost of its product in the market. So many people only know and use the finished product but they have no idea of how the product evolved from the raw cassava tuber to the finished product. Luckily for you all, I come from a small village In Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria and I've seen these process over and over again. So i will be telling you all the whole process from the harvesting of the raw cassava tuber  all the way to the frying of the garri .This is a complex process but it is not as hard as you think. Let me note keep you in suspense, lets go straight to the point.
At this point, I will start at the harvesting stage since we are looking at The processing stage and not the planting.

Step 1
The first step involves the  harvesting of the raw cassava tubers from the farm. It is a process where the farmer uproots the tubers and carefully transports the to a comfortable place for it to be peeled.
cassava image

Step 2
This involves the peeling and washing of the tubers. It is done by using a knife to carefully remove the dirt's and outer brown covering that accompanies the tubers. After the peeling, the tuber will be dirty and the need to wash it arises. Each tuber is wash to remove the remaining sand and dirt's that are left on it.

Step 3
 This step involves the Grating/Grinding process and the Dehydrating/Fermenting process. After washing the cassava tubers, it is then taken to a designed machine for it to be grinned. grinding is a simple process of reducing the tubers into much smaller size. After grinding, the resultant product is then put into a porous bag and place in an hydraulic process for it to dehydrate and ferment.The fermenting process always takes a minimum of 12 hours.

Step 4
This process involves the sieving, frying and packaging of the  End product. When the product is dehydrated, it will become coarsely packed and therefore the need to separate the particles comes in. A sieve is used to separate the particles. After sieving , the product is then fried. Frying involves the process of using a big frying pan or pot to gradually roast the sieved  contents until it is fully dried. This process involves a little know how as any wrong move like excess heat will spoil the outcome. It is at this stage that you can decide to add oil to make it red garri or leave it to be white garri.
When frying is done, then you can decide to package it in nylons or anything you wish. It is retailed in cups.
Photo Source

Note: This is how we make our own garri , other places,states and culture can make it in another way.
I hope you learned something today. Let me know your views on this and anything that you would love to know how it is done through the comment section.
My Next post would be on making palm oil.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Dakkada Business Forum Holds In Uyo (PHOTOS)

Dakkada Business Forum Holds In Uyo (PHOTOS)

The Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management Today Hosted the Dakkada Business Forum in uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital.The event which was tagged CELEBRATING THE SPIRIT OF ENTERPRENEURSHIP  is part of activities to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Dakkada philosophy of Governor Udom Emmanuel administration and the 30th anniversary celebration of Akwa Ibom State. In attendance were  Government Officials, Captains of Industries, Financial Services providers, Entrepreneurs and others.The event featured exhibitions by providers of input services, farmers, processing, storage and marketing services, financial service providers and others.High point of the events included  presentation of awards of excellence to Best Dakkada Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, Dakkada Young Entrepreneurship Award, Dakkada Young Professional Award.

It could be recalled that on September 23, 2015, during the 28th anniversary celebration of the state, Governor Udom Emmanuel lunched a social reorientation cum human development campaign tagged ‘DAKKADA’ aimed at instilling, reawakening and encouraging Entrepreneurship, Excellence and Industry amongst the citizen of the state, and the Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management was established by the Governor as the vendor of the Akwa Ibom State government’s social reorientation and entrepreneurship programme tagged ‘Dakkada’.
Below are photos from the event:

If you were in attendence, do well to let us know your comment on the event through the comment section.

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Anonymous moonlight chat

Anonymous moonlight chat

Welcome to our Monday Edition of the Anonymous moonlight chat.
 We already know the rules but for the benefit of those joining us for the first time, There is only one rule, Only the moderator is allowed to use an Id, the rest must go Anonymous.  I and Gossipsnation will be moderating today
In today's Edition,Tell us anything or secret that is bothering you at work, school, home, relationships or marriages. This should be interesting.To take part in this post,please do not use a name or ID. Only anonymous mode is allowed. Lets get our pop corn, relax and keep the comments rolling in.
Remember to leave judgement to God

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The average life

The average life

An average life is that state of contentment where desires and aspirations gives way for mediocrity, fear and limitation driven life either as a result of the challenges of the past or the fear of the unknown.- proverbs 22:13, proverbs 26:13.
The passage above talked about the fear of the unknown.
The average lifestyle mentality makes one want to maintain the status quo to the detriment of his or her progress or advancement in life physically or spiritually.
In 1 cor.3: 21-23…. The bible made us to understand that all things hve been given to us as sons of God.
Because of ignorance and lack of proper understanding  of Gods’s word ,some people especially church goers misinterpret living a moderate and humble life with poverty fear and a life void of aspirations and goals.
In the book of III john 1:2, God told us that he wishes above all things that we prosper and be in good health even as our souls prosper.
You will agree with me that prosperity as it is mentioned here has nothing to do with mediocrity and fear of advancement.
With so many biblical verses and spiritual instructions urging us to prosper,it will be out of place for anyone to associate with mediocrity and a life of limitation with God.

Why do people settle for the average life
Different people over time have passed through one form of believe system, indoctrination and other forms of misinformation that could possible hinder them or prevent them from aspiring for greater heights in life and ministry.
While it will be difficult to mention every reason that makes people complacent, they can however be grouped into the following points.
LOW SELF ESTEEM;Low self esteem is that kind of mindset that makes you believe some positions,levels,blessings and even anointing is reserve for some kind of people i.e always feeling inadequate.

BELIEFS AND BACKGROUND; Some Christians are brought up to believe that aspirations and desire for greater positions and level of accomplishment in life career  is covetousness which they consider to be sinful.

FEAR:The dangers of fear are much. Fear makes one settle for less in life and reduces the God nature in you and magnifies the challenges you may likely face or encounter in the next level.

Past failures:Dwelling too long in the past can make moving forward a difficult task and endeavor .paul said in phil.3 : 13-14 “I press towards the goal”

Celebrating old  successes and accomplishment for too long;So many Christians celebrate one level of success and accomplishment for too long that they forget to make move for other attainable levels of success

Lack of desire and aspiration;Most of the accomplishment we acquire as humans is due to our desire and aspiration for them;this makes us work to achieve it .if you lack desire and aspiration,you cant move to your next level of accomplishment.

Examples of those who could not maximize their potentials because they settled for the average life.
People living the average or complacent life is not new to the world,as it has been from the time of the old testament in the bible ;so many could not live beyond the average life because of one thing or the other.
Below are few examples.
Cain. In gen chapter 4,the bible gave an account into the lifestyle of cain which could have been better if he did the right thing.
Esau. Gen. 25: 32-34
The ten spies sent to check the land of canaan.num 13-14.
Gehazi. Because of lack of desire and aspiration,gehazi could not succeed Elisha the way Elisha succeeded Elijah.

Implications, dangers and demerits of average life.
People that live average life are neither here nor there as described in the bible in the book of rev. 3:15-16…….for I know the things you do ,that you are neither hot nor cold…..
This kind of lifestyle as you will see below have so many implications, dangers and demerits.

They don’t believe in themselves to achieve anything,they despise themselves and therefore tend to live below standard.paul encouraged timothy not to allow anyone despise his youthful days.1tim 4:12

They live in isolation
They don’t socialize or fellowship with others,doesnot share their challenges and problem with others so they die in silence mostly because of the fear of intimidation or inadequacy.

Living with fear.they always live in fear as highlighted in rev. 21:8, prov. 22:13 and prov 26:13.

They always see everything as impossible.they  even think making it in life is not for everyone.

Lack desire and expectation: they take whatever comes their way because in the real sense of it they are not expecting anything.

They wait for luck. 

They always want sympathy from God and the people around them:always seeking sympathy and expect everyone to treat them as people with challenges.

Laziness: average lifestyle makes one lazy accepting whatever comes.they are slothful in business.

Always comparing their life to those who they think they are better than,they forget to look at those better than them.

It makes you live in lack and want. I.e living a life of borrowing and always begging.

It makes you follow the band wagon of average people .which makes ones end up miserably.

How to push beyond or overcome the average life.
To overcome or push beyond the average life,one should observe the following.
Acknowledge that you are living an average life and that there is a problem with that.1 chron.4:9-10,exodus 4:11-13,luke 15:17-21
So many people living the average does not even know that they are complacent i.e the state of self satisfaction and not knowing the dangers and deficiencies associated with that state.
Before you can rise above the average lifestyle, you must first agree that you need to move to the next level.
Have a strong desire for change and a better life. Jabez prayers were based on desire.
Have a vision and pursue it.if you do not have a vision and a long term plan,you wont know what to do next to get closer to your goal or end is difficult to achieve your vision without planning.
Be open to change and new ideas: in your cause of pursuing your dreams and aspirations,new ‘normal’ will play up,don’t be rigid,learn what you can and move on.
Develop yourself physically and spiritually by acquiring the required competence for the next the popular saying goes,you cannot operate beyond your knowledge basse.1sam:30:6-9 david sought to increase his knowledge by inquiring from the giver of knowledge.jesus Christ used about 30years to prepare for his 3 years manifestation.elijah and Elisha in IIkings 2:9-14 is another example of preparation for greater assignment and level.
Gather the necessary information that will take you to the next level which includes training ,discipline,sharpening your talents and skills
Sow into your future and follow kingdom principles for prosperity.
Take chances and utilize opportunities .learn from past mistakes and move on.

Practical evidences of people who have strove to overcome mediocrity and complacency includes.
Joshua and caleb num 13 and 15
Esther in esther 2:10-23
Jacob to Israel in gen.26
Solomon amongst others.
Always remember that you are the one that determines whom you want to be.

By pastor tony

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

FG unveils plan to improve electricity nationwide

FG unveils plan to improve electricity nationwide

The federal government through the National Council on Privatisation (NCP) has unveiled plans to improve electricity nationwide.
According to Nigeria’s Vice President and Chairman of NCP, Yemi Osinbajo, the Council approved the commencement of the privatization of Afam Power plants 1-5 to inject additional power into the national grid.Osinbajo, in a statement by Laolu Akande, his Senior Special Assistant on Media & Publicity, also disclosed that the NCP also approved the pursuit of an out-of-court settlement involving the privatisation of Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON).
The move aims to resolve the lingering dispute between the Federal Government, BFIG and United Company RUSAL through the mediation of the Secretariat with the active collaboration of the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development.
The council advised that “the mediation efforts should take a holistic view of the entire sector and the overriding national interests to jumpstart industrial development through the steel sector in arriving at a resolution on the matter.”
The statement added: “At the meeting, the council reviewed the proposals presented by its Secretariat, the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) for the reform and restructuring of various sectors of the economy.“Furthermore, the council approved the immediate revocation of the concession of the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex, and the immediate commencement of a fresh privatisation of Yola Electricity Distribution Company.
“These approvals, the council noted, were aimed at giving traction to key infrastructure facilities in the country that are presently under concessions, but have been adjudged to be performing sub-optimally.
“These decisions were taken during the meeting of the NCP, which is the highest decision making body on policies relating to the privatisation and commercialisation policies of the Federal Government, on August 22 and 23, 2017 at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
“Other key decisions taken by the council include the approval of the amendments to the Work Plan for the conclusion of the transaction involving the concessioning of Terminal “B” Warri Old Port; the restructuring and recapitalisation of Bank of Agriculture.
“The restructuring of the BOA is in alignment with the Government’s desire to make financing options readily available to farmers for an aggressive diversification of the Nigerian economy,” the council stated.”

It further stated that it approved the immediate commencement of the reform and commercialisation of the River Basins Development Authorities to revitalise the irrigation and river basin potentials for agricultural purposes.
Similarly, to harness the nation’s untapped tourism potential, the council approved the partial commercialisation of the National Parks using three key national parks as pilot projects.
Daily post

Monday, 4 September 2017

Anonymous moonlight chat

Anonymous moonlight chat

Welcome to our Monday Edition of the Anonymous moonlight chat.
I really apologize for my inability to bring you the chat in the past three weeks. We already know the rules but for the benefit of those joining us for the first time, There is only one rule, Only the moderator is allowed to use an Id, the rest must go Anonymous.  I and Gossipsnation will be moderating today because i'm currently cooking my dinner.
In today's Edition,Tell us anything or secret that is bothering you at work, school, home, relationships or marriages. This should be interesting.To take part in this post,please do not use a name or ID. Only anonymous mode is allowed. Lets get our pop corn, relax and keep the comments rolling in.
Remember to leave judgement to God

When you solve the problem of youths, you have solved the problems of Mkpat Enin- Lady Ekaette Ebietobong Usip

When you solve the problem of youths, you have solved the problems of Mkpat Enin- Lady Ekaette Ebietobong Usip

The Transition Chairman of Mkpat Enin Local Government Area and the Leading Aspirant for the Chairmanship Position of Mkpat Enin Local Government Area, Lady Ekaette Ebietobong Usip Met with the 87 Village Youth Presidents of the Local Government Area in Mkpat Enin Urban. The admirable Council Boss used the meeting to formally inform the youth leaders of her readiness to serve Mkpat Enin as an Elected Council Chairman in the forthcoming elections.
She once again reassured them of her commitment to all of them and the entire Mkpat Enin Youths. Addressing the youths, She said "When you solve the problem of youths, you have solved the problems of Mkpat Enin in all levels. When I came on board as the Education Secretary, I made a difference as a total of 246 teachers were employed . People asked will you be able to do it, I answered them and said that it is God that will do it. You cannot fight someone who has been ordained by God. God can use anyone he wants to use at anytime.
The Urban Boys and the entire development of Mkpat Enin Urban is top of my priorities. Once we are elected! Too many people in my entourage today worked with me directly when I served as the Supervisor Youths and Sports. That reign was peaceful and successful, they can attest to that. Even when I was not the Chairman, most youths came to me and God used me to solved most of their problems. After that God told me that I am not done with you yet, I was appointed to serve again as Transition Chairman, you know very well that so many states cannot pay their workers but because of the God fearing man that God gave us as the Governor, Governor Udom Emmanuel the state has been governed aright. As for what happened recently at the Council, I have forgiven those that were behind it. We have the videos and we have seen that those that were behind, they were not from Urban. You don't know what tomorrow holds for you, don't let your self to be used by any man who has achieved everything in life. Nobody is going to impose me on you but rather you people will take me there. Where ever the elections will take place, I will join others to contest and if I win I expect them to congratulate me and if they win I will certainly congratulate them. I know who is behind me, God has not finished with me yet. Power belongs to God and He gives it to those He loves. My Children do not allow your self to be used, I have always be telling God, if I am going to that position to stand as hindrance to anyone, don't make a way for me but if I am going there to serve with a purpose, please stand with me. Don't let any man look down on you, that on the day of trouble he will call you to come out. So today I am happy that we have been able to make peace. Lastly let us Join hands and partner to Make Mkpat Enin better place together. God bless you and make your future bright. In Jesus Name. Amen!"
Photos Below