I made an earlier post about a modelling Agency named F3.Due to the response i got from you guys, i decided to look further into the agency and i was able to interview one of F3 top model by name Miss Esther James.Below is our conversation
Note: unwana Udoh represents Wizzybright while Esther James. F3  represents Miss Esther James.
[1/6, 22:46] Unwana Udoh: Good evening
[1/6, 22:46] Esther James. F3: Good evening
[1/6, 22:47] Unwana Udoh: Thank you for finding time for this short interview
[1/6, 22:47] Unwana Udoh: Lets start by you introducing yourself to our audience
[1/6, 22:48] Esther James. F3: It’s my pleasure
[1/6, 22:48] Esther James. F3: I’m Esther James
[1/6, 22:48] Esther James. F3: A 300 level student of the department of Economics
[1/6, 22:48] Esther James. F3: University of Uyo
[1/6, 22:49] Unwana Udoh: Nice profile there
[1/6, 22:49] Unwana Udoh: Tell us about your place of origin
[1/6, 22:49] Esther James. F3: Thanks
[1/6, 22:50] Esther James. F3: M an indigene of Akwa Ibom
[1/6, 22:50] Esther James. F3: Oruk Anam local government to be precise
[1/6, 22:50] Unwana Udoh: That’s cool
[1/6, 22:51] Unwana Udoh: When and How were you discovered?
[1/6, 22:51] Esther James. F3: Discovered by F3 right?
[1/6, 22:51] Unwana Udoh: Yes
[1/6, 22:52] Esther James. F3: That was after my shoot for www.Davidballer.com
[1/6, 22:52] Esther James. F3: www.davidballer.com.ng

[1/6, 22:53] Unwana Udoh: That means you were already into modelling before F3 signed you?
[1/6, 22:54] Esther James. F3: Yes, I was
[1/6, 22:54] Esther James. F3: But not officially though
[1/6, 22:55] Unwana Udoh: Which type of modeling are you really into?
[1/6, 22:55] Esther James. F3: I’m a commercial model
[1/6, 22:56] Unwana Udoh: Nice one
[1/6, 22:56] Unwana Udoh: What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?
[1/6, 22:57] Esther James. F3: That would be my shoot for www.davidballer.com.ng
[1/6, 22:58] Unwana Udoh: Wow… We will surely contact them to give us a glimpse of the photo
[1/6, 22:58] Unwana Udoh: Do you have a skin care routine?
[1/6, 22:59] Esther James. F3: Alright, that would be cool
[1/6, 22:59] Esther James. F3: Not really
[1/6, 22:59] Unwana Udoh: How do you stay in shape?
[1/6, 23:00] Esther James. F3: I av a fitness routine
[1/6, 23:00] Esther James. F3: Though I’m not consistent
[1/6, 23:01] Esther James. F3: Exercise like Squats helps
[1/6, 23:01] Unwana Udoh: Wow…. Maybe i would join you someday
[1/6, 23:01] Unwana Udoh: How would you define your personal style?
[1/6, 23:03] Esther James. F3: Well, when it comes to style I love to be spontaneous
[1/6, 23:04] Esther James. F3: I’m a lover of class
[1/6, 23:04] Unwana Udoh: That’s not bad at all
[1/6, 23:04] Unwana Udoh: Any role model?
[1/6, 23:05] Esther James. F3: Have got role models
[1/6, 23:06] Esther James. F3: Folake Huntoon aka style pantry
[1/6, 23:06] Esther James. F3: Khloe kardashian
[1/6, 23:07] Unwana Udoh: Am sure you will soon surpass them
[1/6, 23:07] Esther James. F3: Amen
[1/6, 23:08] Unwana Udoh: Do you have any wardrobe staples?
[1/6, 23:10] Esther James. F3: Yeah
[1/6, 23:10] Unwana Udoh: Cool
[1/6, 23:11] Unwana Udoh: Anything caught your eye for the new year?
[1/6, 23:12] Esther James. F3: A wardrobe staple?
[1/6, 23:12] Unwana Udoh: In general
[1/6, 23:13] Esther James. F3: Alright
[1/6, 23:13] Unwana Udoh: What do you do in your spare time?
[1/6, 23:14] Esther James. F3: Hopefully getting to do more  jobs
[1/6, 23:15] Esther James. F3: Play games on my phone
[1/6, 23:15] Esther James. F3: I’m a fan of chess
[1/6, 23:16] Esther James. F3: Listen to music
[1/6, 23:16] Unwana Udoh: Wow… I love games too…. Too bad i don’t know how to play chess
[1/6, 23:17] Esther James. F3: Chess is interesting, though tasking
[1/6, 23:17] Unwana Udoh: I’ll learn
[1/6, 23:17] Unwana Udoh: What’s the Best advice you’ve ever received?
[1/6, 23:19] Esther James. F3: In whatever you do, don’t forget the child of whom you are, always remember where your coming from.
[1/6, 23:20] Unwana Udoh: What a nice advice
[1/6, 23:20] Unwana Udoh: How does it feel to be an F3 model?
[1/6, 23:21] Esther James. F3: It feels great
[1/6, 23:23] Unwana Udoh: What do you have to tell your fans and other young Nigerians that also want to be models?

[1/6, 23:25] Esther James. F3: To my fans, I’ll say watch out for me
[1/6, 23:25] Esther James. F3: You ain’t seen the best of me
[1/6, 23:26] Esther James. F3: To aspiring models all you need is passion and consistency, and the sky will be your starting point
[1/6, 23:29] Unwana Udoh: On behalf of Wizzybright.com, i want to really appreciate you for finding time to respond to our questions. We hope you will always be there for us when we want you. Wizzybright.com wishes you and all other F3 models the best
[1/6, 23:30] Esther James. F3: Sure, I will
[1/6, 23:30] Esther James. F3: Thanks for having me

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