On 23rd September, 2017 Akwa Ibom State turned 30 Years and The government and the people of the state named after God rolled out lots of activities to Mark The day. Before the day, The Akwa Ibom State Ministry for Culture and Tourism had earlier launched the #OrangeCampaign  And The #ColourMeOrange which actually Trended on social media and really created a lot of awareness.  So many other activities  took place  within that week and a lot of Akwa Ibomites were engaged in one way or the other. It was truly a thing  of joy as the vice president of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria Commissioned some Very laudable projects.
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30 is a lot of years and today I will like to get your views on  The achievements of the state so far through the comment section. Do you think we’ve performed well as a state or Do you think We’ve failed, Please Give reasons for your answer. Also drop your suggestions on what you think we can do to progress and develop faster.


  1. To still be around you cant be a complete failure. There are struggles, yes but just like the rest of life, you will have your ups and downs. If you have to take two steps back to get ahead ten steps I think anyone would make that trade. Remember to love and respect one another even if you disagree, something this American, wishes her own country would do. Good luck and keep pushing forward.

  2. 30years, a lot has been done, a lot is being done and still much more needs to be done. We can never achieve all of these things.. But we can achieve the most important of all, Unity, strength and togetherness. That's all we need! Positiveimpartation.com.ng


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