The Christmas Season is almost here and we all know it’s a season of Joy and Exchange of Gifts.  The hardworking and determined members of Made In Akwa Ibom Show Room have come up with a Hamper Package to save you the stress of numerous thinking and also made it possible for you to just stop by the Show Room and Pick the package of your choice.

Excerpt from Their press release says “At MADE IN AKWA IBOM SHOWROOM we now have MADE IN AKWA IBOM CHRISTMAS HAMPERS with beautiful products inside.

Just call us and get it delivered to you.”

Are you still going to buy those hampers with non made in Akwa Ibom products?

Check Image for more information.


  1. Thanks for blogging about Made In Akwa Ibom Showroom Christmas Hampers. Let’s give all to promote enterprise and industry in Akwa Ibom. Made In Akwa Ibom Showroom is entirely an initiative of an independent group known as Akwa Ibom Entrepreneurs who are not linked in anyway with or sponsored by government.


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