In an era where loads of youths are disgruntled feeling relegated and sidelined by the older generation especially their leaders, a man has risen and offered himself a worthy example and role model to many. He has spread his wings wide enough to accommodate as many young persons as come to him for lofty and noble reasons and he views them as partners in progress.

He is ever ready to coach, mentor, guide and pass down stored up knowledge to those eager to receive. He builds no walls around himself neither does he own any “high horses”. Charles recognises the energy, zest, gusto and tenacity of the Akwa Ibom youth which when properly channeled and harnessed is cardinal to the new Akwa Ibom Governor Udom is building.

As such, he’s so passionate about working with and giving vent to young, ingenious and innovative creatives ready to change the status quo and define new narratives. He coordinates a pool of young online influencers who support the information dissemination mechanism of the State and has a couple of others under his payroll whom he assigns varying degrees of tasks to make the discharge of his duties seamless and smooth.

Charles Udoh’s era of information management and image making is the first time young people have taken center stage because he understands the times and seasons. Recently, the PDP Fan Club called on him and just yesterday Students leaders across board led by the Chairman National Association of Nigeria Students had an interaction with him where they came to get first hand information about the developmental strides and achievements of His Excellency.

The Info Boss in his usual halcyon style was in no haste to dispatch them as he painstakingly laid relevant facts stone upon stone to the satisfaction of his visitors. Then the question arises, WHY ALWAYS HIM?. And the simple answer is that, YOUNG PEOPLE ONLY GO TO WHERE THEY’RE APPRECIATED, WELL RECEIVED AND HONOURED, irrespective of age, status or educational attainment.

A journey into the restless mind of Charles reveals he is so concerned about the mindset of the typical Akwa Ibom youth that regards politics as an end in itself, the only avenue to self actualisation and the easiest and quickest means of wealth generation when there are loads of uncharted courses and opportunities begging to be exploited. His heart truly bleeds and he wishes he could engineer a drastic mental reset (i wish he knew this would take him a pretty long time to achieve). This reveals why he embraces the exceptional youths he comes across.

For the love of young people, Charles Udoh goes out of his way to get a lot of things done as an empowerment measure. On the whole, suffice it to say that Ekpeikot (its not my handwriting o) is a “Commissioner mme iwad”

By David Akpan

David Akpan is a publicist and online PR expert



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