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I really apologize for my inability to bring you the chat in the past three weeks. We already know the rules but for the benefit of those joining us for the first time, There is only one rule, Only the moderator is allowed to use an Id, the rest must go Anonymous. Ā I and Gossipsnation will be moderating today because i’m currently cooking my dinner.
In today’s Edition,Tell us anything or secret that is bothering you at work, school, home, relationships or marriages. This should be interesting.To take part in this post,please do not use a name or ID. Only anonymous mode is allowed. Lets get our pop corn, relax and keep the comments rolling in.
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  1. I masturbate a lot. Watch porn, it's becoming an addiction. I can't sleep without masturbating. And I'm a virgin. Been masturbating since I was 10 now I'm 28. What do I do?

  2. I slept with my bestfriend's fiance on the night of her wedding. We actually continued with the relationship till he was transferred to another state. We are still friends but guilt eats me up everytime

  3. hmmm…hope am on anonymous mode….i just have one problem, i have been sleeping with my best friends for a while now..i dnt knw if i should stop because the man pays well

  4. LMFAO… Okay, problem is, I masturbate alot.. Like every fuvken time I get horny, I dunno how to stop it plus I don't have a girlfriend, I just don't know why am always rejected, I try hard to love every time I get the opportunity Buh they always turn their backs on me… I don't just know what to do

  5. I fucked a 5year old boy.
    He was our neighbours child. We were living in a general compound. He will always come to greet me anytime I'm returning home. He follows me to my room a lot. He was also always touching body with me. I started feeling free undressing in front of him and I see the way he stares at my massive Boobs. The day the devil took over, he was in my room as usual and I was undressing, so I asked him if he likes my breasts and he was jst looking at me. So I said 'come' and he came closer. I put my nipples towards his lips and he started sucking my nipples. I got so wet and was rubbing the other nipple wit my hand and started moaning small small. I got up and locked the door and invited him into my bed. God forgive me, I'm sorry. He had a small erection tho. God I'm sorry, I was overtaken by the devil. It continued for a while with each day getting more adventurous *tears* he will follow me, suck my Boobs while I masturbate till I cum. I moved on to Askin him if he likes my pussy. He also started sucking my pussy *God please* I was always craving him and any day he doesn't come, I will go to their flat to entice him wit gala. He stopped playing wit his normal agemates and will quickly stop wat he is doin anytime he sees me. I wonder if he displays certain behaviour at home to alert his mom. Went on for 3years till I moved out.
    I cringe anytime I read bv stories of how they were abused as kids cos I am one of the abusers. I wish I can come out with my full names so that the world can punish me like I deserve. I am so sorry for ruining that child… at a stage anytime I am in public, he will come and start putting his hand under my skirt or grabbing my Boobs embarassing me and I will shout at him and his mum will shout at him too and tell me sorry. Wen we r in my room I will apologise to him then he will suck my pussy for very long.
    I'm so terrible

  6. Is it weird to be 25yrs,no bf and not even ready to date but the pressure from my friends ehh, im nt in love dunno if I'll ever fall in love..

  7. Wizzy..I'm gradually masturbating myself to death. Milking out almost all of the sperm in my system. After every last masturbation, I say to myself that I won't do it again, but before dawn, I still found myself masturbating whenever the urge calls.

  8. Gosh where do I start, fucked my bestfriend boyfriend. His dock was enormous I really enjoyed it. We fucked 5 times, he wanted to dump my friend I told him not to and I killed the fling. Still hate myself for it. This happened 9 years ago. God please forgive me

  9. My food no gree don o but its like the stories are already rolling in…i know my partner is doing a good job…but wait o…is it only sex, masturbation and cheating ish we have ?…will be back

  10. maybe u are always after the wrong ones…just chill..put ur shit together…focus more on ur dreams and ur dream girl will come…..the best way to reduce/ stop masturbation is to always step out each time the urge comes..avoid been alone in an enclose place…with time , it will go

  11. the best way to reduce/ stop masturbation is to always step out each time the urge comes..avoid been alone in an enclose place…with time , it will go…like my partner said, disciplne also helps

  12. My own problem is that I wanted to build up my passion but in the process my school work suffered and now my passion isn't paying off for now. What do you suggest I do?

  13. I am 20, there is this guy I fell in love with but we can't date cause he is asking for sex which I'm not ready for and since then not like guys ain't approaching but I don't feel anything for them and I'm scared if I'll ever

  14. the first step is acknowledging that u have a problem..the next step is to try to reduce the amount of times you do it..avoid watching erotic things…avoid been alone at odd period…pray for the grace to stop….it's not easy bt its possible

  15. ok…at 20, dating is nt a priority especially when the guy is asking for sex..you dnt have to be scared of anything because the feelings will come when you meet the mr right that will totally sweep u off your feet…just focus and chase your dreams dear

  16. Life has always been a combination of passion and other things….its never too late to pick up ur academics bt u just have to share your time wisely….give some to school and some to your passion…there's no guarantee that your degree will feed you bt u just have to have it incase an opportunity comes…the class you graduate with does nt matter..just have the certificate first

  17. Am married my marriage is boring and soooo unexciting.. I wish I will meet a matured man to date eeven for a few months just to feel that kick in my life for once.. Chai.. I hate my life right now!

  18. Chai! So many skeletons dey my cupboard oo, where do I begin? My body count no be here…God help me.

    I fvcked my sisters spiritual director…an aglican priest and that confirmed he was gbenshing my sis and she was pretending. His dick was d bomb!

    In school I slept with my friends man friend and d babe wan take am 2 personally oo forgetting dey no dey carry sugar daddy matter 4 head. I then gave the man d fvck of his life and he came bck begging 4 more. He dumped her ugly ass and faced me like his life depended on me. I later dumped him after I had gotten what I wanted.

    I recently discoverd mastubation sex can be mind blowing. I have quadruple orgasm doing that, I even squirt. Have been watching alot of porn recently and d only thing I can think of is 2 experiment with a lady ( have neva done that b4). Am trying seriously 2 shove this thought cos I have a good man now and don't want 2 turn 2 a lesbian but the urge is so strong.

    Could this be devil tempting me with this urge?

  19. wizzy where am I going to start from.is it giving and recieving Oral in the office after work? Or foundling with my young pastors fiance. All sort of…………God forgive me.


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