Welcome to our Monday Edition of the Anonymous moonlight chat.

There is only one rule, Only the moderator is allowed to use an Id, the rest must go Anonymous.In today’s Edition,Tell us the craziest thing that you’ve done at work, school, family home, relationships or marriages. This should be interesting.To take part in this post,please do not use a name or ID. Only anonymous mode is allowed. Lets sit and keep the comments rolling in
Remember to leave judgement to God


  1. There was this day that I was super broke….so my roommates dare me to bath naked outside for 5k.i did but my gf has nt still forgiven me

  2. Reading this post reminds me of something i did while i was 17 that i consider d worst thing i have done so far. I had visited a friends house and we were making out in her bedroom upstairs while her folks where downstairs holding a prayer session for her step brother who was in a life or death situation, he used to beat both my friend and i alot while we were younger, so we didn't really care if he lived or died. We hid away upstairs while the rest of the family prayed downstairs we were commiting homosexuality, he eventually died 2 days later. Now that am all grown up i feel guilty like our sins contaminated the prayers downstairs and Because of that God wouldn't step into the families situation and helped them, like if only we had let our hatred of him go and just joined in the prayers then all would be well. Any thats my worst thing done so far

  3. I licked a pussy bfr getting married. I still crave for it. My dh is cool tho, but I get so wet fantasizing about a big boobs woan with a big pussy. I can lick for federal and that lady will have multiple orgasm.

  4. Am married my marriage is boring and soooo unexciting.. I wish I will meet a matured man to date eeven for a few months just to feel that kick in my life for once.. Chai.. I hate my life right now!

  5. Gosh where do I start, fucked my bestfriend boyfriend. His dock was enormous I really enjoyed it. We fucked 5 times, he wanted to dump my friend I told him not to and I killed the fling. Still hate myself for it. This happened 9 years ago. God please forgive me

  6. I made out with my boyfriend''s best friend and nemesis almost caught up with me recently, I hope he still keeps it a secret like me o!

  7. Wizzy I'm gradually masturbating myself to death. Milking out almost all of the sperm in my system. After every last masturbation, I say to myself that I won't do it again, but before dawn, I still found myself masturbating whenever the urge calls. ‎

  8. Slept with a pastor on his matrimonial bed, he tagged it deliverance and I was dumb enough to fall for it. I still slap my self when ever so think of how stupid I was. Bow I look at his members and I shake my head. I know Godvhas forgiven me but am still yet to fully fogive myself. I am presently married to a pastor but I haven't mentioned it to him.

  9. while growing up, I always visited my rich uncle, who i think is very stingy, and every time i left his house, something always left with me, one time it was $7k… i did that and didn't get caught, because it was a holiday period and we were many in his big house, so as soon as i had access to his room, it went missing, i am very cute and good looking.. so i was never a suspect…. :-).. sorry Uncle.. release your hand more..ciao

  10. Still love my ex and we hook up and fu*k (sometimes)..He's d best fuckkk i ve ever had and will ever have…He is d only one who creams and juices my pussy so good…goshhh as I'm typing,i wish i was riding him…I'm married but wish i was his wife….i love you my booooo..in my next life i will find u baby and we MUST MARRY

  11. Is it weird to be 25yrs,no bf and not even ready to date but the pressure from my friends ehh, im nt in love dunno if I'll ever fall in love..

  12. What is the worst thing I have ever done? I cannot even recollect. This just reminds me that my life is so boring and I really need adventure.

  13. Where do I star from, is it days I had to go out for a quick fuck so my family can eat back then? Or fucking to pay my school fees, no help from anywhere except from few good friends and trust it's not always free. I am not a runz girl and can't imagine me going out to meet random men to fuck virtually everyday but still I had to make friends with few people who could help and fuck them in return. My age is dawning on me, I don't want to marry a poor man so the trend won't continue. I am not happy about this but I know my children won't have to go through all this to survive

  14. Hmmm, so many years ago my ex girlfriend who's married now came to my house from school (Secondary School) for me to deflower her but I tried and couldn't seem to have my way in. In the process of trying to penetrate her my father got back home, knocked on the door cause we usually keep keys under the carpet. I became very confused as he banged the door to know who's at home, mind you I was supposed to be in school.

    Didn't know what to do, I picked up my phone and sent him a text that I've been arrested by police at a certain junction then at Ajao estate Isolo Lagos, immediately he got the text I heard him say Waaat, my son, Police? Never.. He immediately took a bike to the bus top where I told him I was held, on getting there, I had discharged my bae and called him that I'm back home that immediately they knew my father was on his way I was released. That's the craziest thing I ever did.. Still didn't deflower her until she got admission into UI and got raped the very first night in school, felt really bad though.. Lol.

  15. Having sex with my bestie why in school he was my best friend and a brother the day we did it was something else I have never seen a d**k as huge as that I enyoyed it and he did too that day we promised each other never to travel that road again

  16. I slept with my bestfriend's fiance on the night of her wedding. We actually continued with the relationship till he was transferred to another state. We are still friends but guilt eats me up everytime…especially when my friend is nice to me. I dunno if i shld fess up and lose the friendship instead of suffering in silence. But am just considering what will happen to her marriage

  17. Enter your comment…The worst things I've been doing is hanging out with married women and I can't stop cos their pussies to me is sweeter than the girls of my age.I don't fancy fucking my junior or my mate instead I go for something big

  18. Sucking my girl's pussy. But back then when I was a child, I and my cousins used to play hide and seek and so I would be fingering the girls when we're hiding. And when I started secondary school, my senior students tried committing homosexuality with me


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