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There is only one rule, Only the moderator is allowed to use an Id, the rest must go Anonymous.In today’s own,Tell us the worst things you have ever done at work, school, family home, relationships or marriages. This should be interesting.To take part in this post,please do not use a name or ID. Only anonymous mode is allowed. Lets sit and keep the comments rolling in
Remember to leave judgement to God


  1. My sex urge has being so surprising high since d beginning of dis year! Gush! I feel I nid a dick in me every time! Unlike me, I dnt like sex, bt dis year hv being fucking! one sweet cock to another! & Am luving it!. Maybe cos my bf is a weak dude!

  2. Just the perfect post for me. Where do I begin now? *thinking*

    I've had sex with my blood cousin,we hit it raw and the orgasm was mind blowing

    Years later another Cuz tried druging my drink probably to fvck me.
    The first time I did a D&C I was just 18,the next day I saw the baby girl in my dream,she was standing just by my room door(i was scared shitless)
    Growing up I always fantasize,i read Greek romance novels I fantasize bout the protagonist,i read a lot and fantasize a lot about cute actors,musicians, sugar mummys…Lool. I just love to fantasize,it helps me to relax.

    I fvck most of my lecturers for good grades…in as much as I try to hide at the back of the class to be invincible to their eagle eyes,,somehow they always find me. Blame my clothes and curves.

    I've fvcked my dad's friends…
    I've been doing drugs,,still doing it…I hope to stop doing it.

    I almost jumped from 3rd mainland bridge years ago when I was depressed and suicidal…I can still rem the look on my rescuers' faces..

    Sometimes I sit down and start writing down names of people I've slept with esp men. I try to make a mental note of how many body count I've had.

    I've been cheating on my stupid bf with his pencil dick and smelly sperm.

    Sometimes I wonder what my life would have become if I was born into a European family.

    I'm not the the LOVE kinda girl.. i'm a good girl but can also be a very bad girl.

    Shola thompson,,,its been soo long. I still rem you.

    I've always wondered what it'll feel ike to suck a milf's pussy. Lol.
    I've been tryna deep throat but I end up chocking

    The list goes on… but hey,im not proud of my deeds…I only need help in the drug aspect,,i really do.

  3. When I was in secondary school there was this senior that was soo mean and she can send like no mans business. One night she asked me to fetch drinking water for her and I spat a lot inside the cup and gave it back to her
    Felt bad after tho because she now started saying thank you so much God bless you and was smiling at me .

  4. I've really not done anything so bad in my life yet. You can call me the good girl type, I don't mind. But I do knw within me, there's that crazy bad part that waiting for the perfect time to come jumping out. Who knwz?(smiles😃😃).
    Meanwhile let me have fun reading other people's stories tonight.

  5. I had an abortion all by myself at 22 weeks. didn't even tell the father of my child what I did. The pain was out of this world and I had to throw away my dead child which I killed by myself but I had no money to take care of myself talk less of a child. I just couldn't bring the child into my world of fucking men for cash. I still have nightmares seeing the eyes of my baby boy. I have repented sha n given my life to God now

  6. I remember back in uni days, I and my 3 room mates used to contribute to cook. So on this faithful day, I had no money to contribute, cos we were to make rice. So they told me i was not going to eat the food since i did not contribute. O boy! I was very hungry and angry, so i deviced a means of spoiling everything. While the rice was cooking, i sneaked into the kitchen and poured a full container of salt inside the rice, salt that was enough to cook for the entire state You can imagine what happened when the food was set…. Forgive me o Lord.

  7. I av had ten abortions in d space of 6 years, I couldn't understand how or why. But Gods grace was in abundance. I regret it tho I know its a spiritual problem

  8. lolz 2yung me I just dey read comment o..
    but sha, my worst experience was when I had the most hyped show in Akwa cross and beyond last year December titled “UYO ON FIRE" I had great support from my ever supporting fans.. but the event management made it flop.. I couldn't go out from my house for one full week.. I was the talk of town all round uyo..

  9. If you wanna stop the drugs you can, 1st of all you must be determine, secondly try reducing the amount of drugs you take a day.
    For eg if you take 10 wraps of weed each day, start by taking 9-8-7 and so on till you can do without it.
    Trust me it'd be very hard but then again you can….stay positive.

  10. Worst thing I've ever done with no one's knowledge? 5 abortions from age 19 though I've prayed for God's forgiveness and I hope everyday that He has forgiven me. I'm very reserved, cool and secretive.

  11. Some guys hv no chill @all, they don't knw u or wht Uve being through and dey will comfortably demand for unprotected sex from u! Inshort they take it upon demselves like is their right and if u dnt give in they start acting foolish! Without knowing wat u re saving dem from. When d pressure gets much! I dash dem d incurable virus ni! Shebi dey want to do by force even wen I push dem away! They will cum bk after yrs to still do! Longthroat! Word of advice to guys, When a babe is always saying no to ur sexual advances jst let her be cos u dnt knw wat she is saving u from. Cos e no dey show for face!

  12. Am a married woman but I masturbate a lot cos my hubby is lazy in bed and does not satisfy me. I feel like having sex right now but he is beside me sleeping and snoring………what do I do? Hope I wont bow to pressure from my ex?

  13. I'm married, hubby that was doing soooo well before we got married is flat broke now. I have two kids and I have to pay the rent, school fees and also put food on the table with my meagre salary so I hooked up with my ex-sugar daddy and he's been providing my every need. We'v made love only once so far but I send him nude pics whenever he requests. Sometimes I wonder why hubby doesn't sit down, think and ask me where I get all the money I spend cos I only have to open my mouth and tell Alhaji I need money for this or that and I get a credit alert of 100k or even 150k sometimes. I hardly touch my salary again, I'm saving it. I'm just doing this until hubby finds his feet financially again. God please have mercy on me

  14. am fhucking my employers husband. I take her kids on extra moral lesson. Somehow d man got my number and we hooked up and banged gosh it was an awesome sex. But now I can't look at her in d face again. I pray she neva finds oUt

  15. I sleeping with 2 sisters and I knew it but I never stop they didn't know anyway, the senior girl is so dumb all u need to sleep with her is to give her FOOD the junior one is slutty just buy her beer she all urs I feel guilty but I keep going, I also steal 4rm my dad but he will accuse my big bro who is a drunkard i feel like am satan sometime, is my secret I have to keep it I made out with a married woman I don't know her husband but I know she married, If u know me u won't blve I did all dis I need prayers

  16. Hmm,I ve done a lot o but those things are in the past nw. The present one is that m trying to snatch a guy from his babe even tho he dosent love this girl but she wnt just let him be.

  17. I fear I'm bisexual. Growing up I had ds young lady in my compound my parents use to ask to take care of me in their absence. But she usually molest me wen we're alone. Getting into secondary school, it was a girls' school, I got admiration letters from various girls. Mind u, I'm a quiet prsn & will neva make a first move but if smone makes d move, I may fall. Smtyms I hate d prsn after it cos I think of it as disgusting. Smtym last year I had ds girl that used to be my junior in school then. She came to visit me cos I'm working n I stay alone. She has always told me she admired me even in school Bt I was too strict (most pple see me as strict frm afar). Ds girl started yarning things that night, & at d end we had lesbian sex. She did all d sucking & fingering.This girl made me cum &.It was crazy cos I don't cum easily. av avoided her since then, Bt she sees it as a great achievement for her. That she has always dreamt of fucking me.. I admire ladies Wt banging bodies Bt I can neva act like it or make a first move. This is not good. I don't want it Bt it's jst there & unleashes itself wen d opportunity comes.

  18. I would poison my current Boo for his cheating trait or I just feel it's Karma, that's why am taking it all in n dealing with him physically. My first bf, started hitting me cos of my mouth and ended the relationship n almost slept with his friend but I couldn't. My aunt married a wealthy man but was very stingy to us despite popcy was the one that trained her.Her started giving me n begging me not to tell her, he didn't ask for anything. But to pay my aunt back,i slept with her hubby, infact we had a relationship… He pay my way through school, I just had to cut if off cos of guilt. I have done too many bad things jor, am not proud of them but sometimes circumstances drive us too far….Getting married to my lost love in Dec n my boo is not aware, lemme punish him for wasting my time…

  19. I think am a lesbian, I watch lesbian porn and get wet..especially the wrestling and massaging part..

    I tried it out with my bff and I didn't enjoy it(maybe we didn't do it well.) I tried having sex with a guy a married man( and non married it didn't work…

    Does this mean am meant to be a nun?

  20. Okay, I was in Js1 and I used to wet the bed. The senior whom I shared corner with will terrorize me so much each time I did and I'll run errands for him through the period. I dare not even say no, lest, the girl I liked and a bunch of other of my classmates learn I'm a bed wetter.

    So this very day, I wet the bed. Luckily, I got up, thought about this bout of oppression I was gonna go through that week and shrugged 'It can't Fit happen'. The pee was still fresh on the bed cos my bed cover doesn't absorb easily. I scooped the pee, the poured some on his bed and his boxers. His friend noticed it first and shouted "Victor pee for bed oh".

    Long story short, this brother never ever ever tormented me again cos I'd threaten to disclose he is a bed wetter too.

  21. i had crazy sex with a guy I'm in luv with .but he has a gf .i couldnt hlp d feeling. now i feel so guilty. i feel so terrible nd so heavy.

  22. Gbenching my bf dad!! She snatched my bf in 100l and naw am hooked to him….. am sooo not sorry!! He pays my bills, I go for vacation anytime I like and my acct is over flowing

  23. Pls help me pray for my ex to be successful biko when we were young we recorded ourselves doing all sorts of bedmatics now i am settled with great job and spouse and family but i am afraid of being held to ransom so F i am praying for you to not need money in your life Amen

  24. I had this friend way back in school days that was always jealous of me and put herself in a competition with me. She slept with my then bf and came back to rub it in my face so I did something bad 2 her, I was the class rep of my class then so I didn't submit about 4 of her assignment to the lecturer instead I tore them in shreds and disposed them, that semester she had d worst grade point and I was happy

  25. While growing up in Lagos, we lived in a face me I face you apartment. Some naughty boys in the compound had sex freely with neighbours daughter. But their is this one tenant that will boasts of her daughters not being part of the rot. I was in ss1 by then and this girl was in jss 3 ripe and ready to be plucked. We started by m helping her with her studies. Play play things,I fucked that girl at the backyard behind their window whole the parents were inside watching telly. Our escapades now became more frequent that we had sex anywhere in the compound be it kitchen,bathroom or even toilet. I took her to friends house one time when the parents travelled and we fucked our self till late at night. She couldn't go home that night and had to stay till morning. All this while her parents had scattered the whole area looking for. When she came and could not give them answer to where she was. Her mum gave her the beating of her life for disgracing her. Was scared too cos if she mention my name, there would be trouble in China town as our parents never liked each other. Any way shape. We continued our jacking in the compound secretly until I entered the university and left lagos.

  26. I masturbate a lot. Watch porn, it's becoming an addiction. I can't sleep without masturbating. And I'm a virgin. Been masturbating since I was 6 + now I'm 27. What do I do?

  27. Well worst thing have ever done was.. Sleeping with my secondary school teacher she was sexy, slim n was a youth Corper sha.

    But to me o it wasn't a worst moment BC I actually felt like d boss …e no easy for studentt fuck teacher o

  28. Well stoning my Snr shit was the best worst felling ever..bc dey cought me n d whole SS3 student delt with my life.

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  30. I really enjoyed my evening….just kept refreshing your page.well done wizzybright.i will be there on Friday and Monday

  31. Finally I can express my urge without fear of anyone watching me , See Me laidis, I need a girl to become my sex partner nothing more Shaaaa….. Admin epp a broda if possible

  32. I have 3 girlfriends (tho i'm very serious with one at the moment, the rest are just there for the money, sex, etc) i masturbate (sometimes tho); it's something that i actually think i stoped, but no!, i'm still battling with it sha. I'm addicted to sex, my fat gf just knows how to make me horny, and in return, i just fuck the hell outta her, she's funded tho, she practically takes care of my needs and wants, but she wants me all to herself, but i'm cheating with this new girl i met recently (which i love, and i'm serious with), we fell in love, we even had sex today. My 3rd gf is just there, that one loves me scara, havnt had sex with her tho, the day i tried, it refused to enter so i just gave up. Don't blame me, I love having a plan b just incase. And, i'm been lured by a top gospel artists to gay with them. One of then penetrated small sha, but i later regretted, there's no fun in that, he has always been bugging me and confessing love, but no, i'm not gay, my huge dick is for pussies.


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