Welcome to the 2019 first Edition of the Anonymous moonlight chat. Its been more than a year since we last hosted this chat and we are sorry for taking that long.

There is only one rule, Only the moderator is allowed to use an Id, the rest must go Anonymous in the comment section. In today’s Edition, feel free to unburden your heart, share any freaky thoughts or experience that you have not been able to share with someone. you can also tell us your addictions and suggest help to other comments if you’ve experienced such before. This should be interesting. Let’s sit and keep the comments rolling in.
Remember that we judge no one here, let God do the judging. Let’s get the party started.

Remember to type in your comment, Use anonymous as your name and anonymous@gmail.com as your email.


NOTE: This post and its comments are rated 18.


  1. since we can talk about anything, lemme get this off my chest quickly, I am in love with my married boss. I think she is also into me.Dunno how it started but I just can’t stop fucking her.

  2. I am a young girl that love sex, I lied to my current bf that I am a virgin. I think I am now in love with him but I dnt know how to tell him that all these while he has been waiting, that I have been collecting different dicks behind his back. I don’t want to loose him.

    • This your case is hard o…either you tell him the truth and risk losing him or you use option b which might involve you telling a lie to cover for the virginity lost

  3. Glad to have this program back, Guess its time to confess all my bad deeds. I’ll just grab a seat and think on which to start with.

  4. I have this my dads friend that promised me money, later went to his office and he said he needed sex before giving me the money. I gave in since i needed the money. Now I feel so bad each time my father is bragging about how innocent I am in His presence. I wish he could unfuck me

    • The actual number I have seen in medical texts is 84% of men have, at some point in their lives.

      That sounds about right–84% is pretty damn high, in any event. But the remaining 16% seem to suffer either from some abnormal physical issue or an abnormally low sex drive. Both of these are serious medical conditions.

      just decide not to do it again. it might not be easy but the Lord will see you through

  5. I have a very cute girl friend, shes really helping me in different ways… she fucks good too but I still cheat anyhow. I think I am cursed somewhere

  6. There is this guy next door that I have a crush on. the truth is that I just want to fuck and nothing more. I am scared of him shame talking me if I make the first move. I really want is d**k in my p***y. what do I do

    • Faze once said that if you like someone, you should walk up to the person. Since this one is lust, just plan and make both of you spend some evening together. Play your cards well…he can be called upon to help fix something in your apartment

  7. Is karma really real, I mistakenly fucked someones husband, I have been scared if that can push my future husband to cheat.I have prayed for forgiveness ever since then.

  8. when a girl insist that you use a condom, if u like make u no listen. u dont know what the girl is saving you from. the virus is real.

  9. I am currently cheating on my husband with his friend. I get scared whenever the thoughts of him finding out happens…its a long story but I dont know how to stop. his friend has lots of my nudes and i dont think its wise for me to stop.

  10. Wizzy pray for me. I don’t know how i got myself into this mess. Got contracted by a prominent man to take his daughter in home lessons. The daughter too fresh, local man has been looking for this kind of fresh skin. she said she’s 18 but the parents don’t allow her mix up, no friends self. on this faithful day, her dad went to pick her mum from the airport and it was just the two of us. The girl went to ease herself and return with just pant and bra. local man could not believe his eyes. i tried my best to resist the devil but the devil refused to flee. Local man just wanted to put the tip but ended up putting everything. The next day the girl told the father to cancel the lesson due to noise in the parlour, that she hardly concentrates. The father then asked us to be using an isolated guest room that is quiet. ever since we resumed there, we’ve never had up to 10 mins of classes. the girl is a sex addict. my fear is what will happen when the father ask for what she has been studying. Las las dnt cage your children

  11. My greatest problem is porn and mastubation. I am so innocent that you would nt believe that I am the one in this mess. Where do i start


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