Welcome to our Monday Edition of the Anonymous moonlight chat.
 We already know the rules but for the benefit of those joining us for the first time, There is only one rule, Only the moderator is allowed to use an Id, the rest must go Anonymous.  I and Gossipsnation will be moderating today
In today’s Edition,Tell us anything or secret that is bothering you at work, school, home, relationships or marriages. This should be interesting.To take part in this post,please do not use a name or ID. Only anonymous mode is allowed. Lets get our pop corn, relax and keep the comments rolling in.
Remember to leave judgement to God


  1. Since it Anonymous, hope my identity is safe…i have just one major problem, things miss where ever i go…i really want to stop but i just keep doing it

  2. Hope i'm Anonymous.there's this new girl that moved in next door.she bin too fyn but no gree for me,so set her up.the plan was for the boys to beat her up, collect her stuffs and i then appear, fight them and be the hero.but the guys took turn before i arrived.although the girl see's me as an hero and the person that ended the ordeal, i cant still forgive myself for been the cause that she was raped.i hope she forgives me.i cant stand telling her and we are dating now

  3. i'm a daddy's girl.Dad once took me out and we both drank alchohol.on our way back, dad sent me to get any drugs for cold.the guy at the counter made a mistake and gave us one sexual enhancement drugs.we got home, mum had travelled, we both took the drugs and i slept in his arms as usual.after some minutes, i suddenly started feeling a very strong urge for sex but i maintained.i soon noticed that my dad had already had a strong erection.He suddenly asked me to lock myself inside a room that he does not know what has come over him.i just could not see him suffer for my mistake so i had sex with him.he has not forgiven himself and mum does not know.was it really our fault?

  4. wizzy me i maturbabte a lot o and i don't see it as a sin.i see it as a safer and cheaper way of getting sexual satisfaction.there are lots of disease out there and i dont want to carry any.i dont intend to stop till marriage

  5. eiya…..this is touching..but no excuse can take the fact that you slept wid ur dad…..even your mum wont forgive you.you should have locked yourself in the room when he said…..Just move on sha…you cant change anything


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