colours of mkpat enin

The 2nd edition of Colours Of Mkpat Enin had come and gone, all we have left is the memories of the event. the event with the theme ‘Our Cultural Asset” took place at the Mkpat enin stadium. As usual, giving a review of any event I attend is part of my hobby.

This post will try to give you an insight into what truly went down in the 2nd edition of Colours Of Mkpat Enin.

I barely step out of my father’s compound during festivities, 2019 Christmas was truly a different one. I arrived at Mkpat enin for the carnival float on December 21, 2019. It was my first experience of sharing a van with young dancers. The float started from the stadium located at Mkpat enin and went all the way to Ikot Akpaden junction where we have the main campus of Akwa Ibom State University.




On the train with us were dancers, women, masquerades and other socio-cultural groups. It was truly a beauty to behold. I struggled to cope with the loud music even when other people in the Van were not having any issues at all. It was really fun to see a lot of the community people come out to celebrate and partake in the carnival float. Click here to watch some highlights of the carnival.

I witnessed a lot of performances during the course of the event and I loved every part of it. The reggae night was a night to remember as I was able to watch live stage reggae performance. It was my first time watching that and I could not thank the chairman enough.

The pageantry night was also one of my best nights. A lot of artists thrilled the crowd that night. The likes of Sir James, Dj Santo, Comedian gentility and others made the night a memorable one. The battle for the Mbopo Mkpat Enin was something anyone would not pray to miss. The contestants put up their very best and I was proud of every one of them.

colours of mkpat enin

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My best part was the empowerment of Mkpat Enin women by the wife of the council chairman, Mrs. Ima-Abasi Ekanem Brown. Unlike most Christmas get together where only wrappers and rice are shared, Mrs. Ima-Abasi Brown also gave some women grants through her pet project Mboho Uforo Mkpat Enin.

Giving people fish is good but teaching them how to fish is better. I was motivated to do more in life after seeing the joy on the faces of those Women. They were full of appreciation for the first lady. Mrs Ima-Abasi Brown also engaged the women in a Balloon busting game which put a lot of smiles on their faces. It was indeed a fun-filled day for the women. Addressing the beneficiaries of the business grants, she urged them to utilize the funds in ways that can help them expand their financial capacity. The Highpoint of her get together was the distribution of Cheques of #50,000.00 each to 20 beneficiaries of the grants, bags of rice, over 500 Cupcakes, #250,000.00 cash to be shared among themselves, and other valuables.

MUME Beneficiaries Ima-Abasi Brown Ima-Abasi Brown MUME Beneficiaries MUME Beneficiaries

On that same day of empowerment, I was opportune to watch the palm fruit climbing competition. I never believed humans could climb palm fruits that fast. I kept praying for their safety and I’m glad my prayers were answered.

I can’t forget to talk about the stage. Colours of Mkpat Enin has one of the best Permanent stages in this part of the country. Most of the performing artists could not stop pouring praises on the organizers for putting up such a beautiful permanent stage.


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2019 remains my best Christmas at home. Thank you, Hon Ekanem Brown, for organizing Colours Of Mkpat Enin. Never in my life have I shared these types of fun moments with my people.

I thank everyone that showed up for the event. It was not easy to stay under the cold just to cheer the performance and bond.

We at are looking forward to the next edition.




  1. Nice piece… I was shocked to see you all through the event. You rarely attend events even after promoting it. I know they might have paid you well for you to spend that much. Thank you for the beer


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