Ever wondered why people cry?,  Cry has many definitions, and there all don’t define it satisfactorily. A cry may be defined as a call out for help, a public declaration of an emotion, etc.
When we look at children, for example, newborn babies, we can say a cry is a means of communicating their feelings, it’s a way of telling their parents that they need help, it is a way of calling for attention when they desire it. It is the only way they can communicate.
Recent psychological theories of crying emphasize the relationship of crying to the experience of perceived helplessness. From this perspective, an underlying experience of
helplessness can usually explain why people cry. For example, a person may cry after receiving surprisingly happy news, ostensibly because the person feels powerless or unable to influence what is happening.
A cry can, therefore, be seen as a means of communicating those deep feelings that words cannot even dare to describe. It is a way of letting out our pain, stress, anguish, and frustration.
Although crying has been dimed to depict weakness, and there is a regular saying that; “real men don’t cry” I wonder where that came from .I am guessing it must have been from the ancient Spartan communities. But let’s face reality every man has cried at least twice or more in their adulthood, either at the loss of a dear one or at the face of multiple complications, that moment when life plays its tricks on your toils and hard work.
Sometimes when men cry they don’t know why, and yet they can’t stop themselves from crying. Some people cry not only when they are in pains or traumatized, but they also cry when they are super excited, they cry at the occasion of a pleasant surprise.
Therefore cry is not only a show of emotional astma or trauma, but it is also a show of joy and excitement which adds to why it is so complicated to actually know why we cry when to cry and when not to cry.

I think cry is a language, it is the first ever language that children get to speak and surprisingly their patents understand. They cry when they are hungry, when there
is poop in their diapers, when they are uneasy(feeling hot especially), when they don’t want to eat, they cry, until they are old enough to speak whatever language they are born into, cry is what they speak and their parents must understand them during this period.

Not only humans but animals too also cry, when they are in pains or when they get emotional (e.g. Dogs).
Though the mystery behind crying is yet to be told, it should be seen as a language, a means of communicating something deeper than words can explain. It should not be seen as a show of weakness for those who cry or a show of strength for those who don’t.

Cry is even good for the sight because tears shed helps to wash the eyes and rid them of dirt. Try it sometimes



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