Inline with the promise i made to you all about updating you with the activities of F3,  i am glad to inform you that i was able to get across to the brain behind the awesome firm. Below is the interview i had with him 

Note: unwana Udoh represents Wizzybright while Didi F3  represents Mr Divine Malachy

Unwana Udoh: Good evening sir
Didi F3: Evening Unwana
Unwana Udoh: Thank you for finding time in your busy schedule for this interview
Unwana Udoh: Lets start by getting to know  you
Didi F3: It’s no problem.
Didi F3: My name is Divine Malachy. I am from ikono local government area in Akwa Ibom State. I am currently studying communication arts in the University of Uyo. Born on January 27
Am so eager for success and a motivator. 
I am passionate about being useful to people
Unwana Udoh: Awesome bio
Didi F3: Thank you
Unwana Udoh: People around you must be lucky to have you. Its so rare to come across a motivator these days
Didi F3: I sure think they are but most times they turn out to be my motivation
Unwana Udoh: That’s great. There’s a fast rising firm called F3 that is sweeping across the nation, lots of my readers have been so eager to know more about it. Kindly throw more light on the firm
Didi F3: Let’s go this way Fashion and Fotography Festival -F3 
it is a creativity and entrepreneurship Program that’s set to hold across several tertiary institutions and places 

The aim of the Program is to scout for people especially students with zeal to  establish themselves in the Fashion and Photography business inside and outside by  establishing and developing them on to be great assets for national development, create jobs and turn their Talents into  careers .

 Unwana Udoh: You are really passionate about been useful to people especially the young minds
Unwana Udoh: How did it start?
Didi F3: Yes because the young people are the future
Didi F3: It started with my ambition to be different. I was tired of being just a student whose life starts and ends with that textbooks, night classes and still suffering to have good grades. 
I realized students needed something to hold on to apart from certificates. 
I imagined a world where students  could be empowered. 
However, i saw the Fashion industry as one that would win souls. 
It started from my faculty then to the University of Uyo community. 
Somehow i saw F3 getting across to over 20 tertiary institutions in Nigeria in less than a year.
Unwana Udoh: What an humble beginning
Unwana Udoh: It goes to show that if we can dare to dream and believe ,  then it can be done
 Didi F3: Yes definitely. 
Procrastination is really bad because most people want to be a  DANGOTE without stress.
Unwana Udoh: Am sure this will help lots of youths out there.
Unwana Udoh: So we can say that F3 is your actualized idea?
Didi F3: Yes it is.
Without some people like God, My mum, Gidyon Thompson, Nature Udoh, Okon Idiok, Edwin, Lucy Adie, Utibe Inyang, Ugochi, Bobby, Aniedi, Sampatus Eromosele and lots of other persons, F3 would be growing so fast
Didi F3: Also the Teams that have been working in various tertiary institutions to spread the message must never be left out.
Unwana Udoh: Congrats to them on a job Well done
Unwana Udoh: I know you must have faced a lots of challenges along the way, tell us few challenging moments you had and how you overcame them
Didi F3: Certainly, Challenges keep coming. 
I have been able to put up some workshops that i myself never believed it would hold because of funds but God brings people who share vision similar to mine and are willing to be part of us. 

Running a brand like this needs new ideas and strategies everyday and i thank God that the way i get the ideas, i really don’t know what to say but smile.

Unwana Udoh: Just keep believing in God
Unwana Udoh: Say something about the campus waka because lots of my readers showed interest in it
Didi F3: The Waka is Something you’ve got to be part of. 
We have goals we’re working towards. 
It’s an open call telling everyone not to sit down but have something doing
 Unwana Udoh: Thank God i am part of it. Am sure lots of my readers will also be part of it
 Unwana Udoh: Let me just ask you one final question, what are your future plans for F3?
 Didi F3: That’s a good one. 
For 2017, We’re looking at getting very active in 50 Universities in Nigeria. 

Launching a website 

Empowering at least 500 persons with skills. 

Getting a training center. 

Holding 2 Mega Workshops

 Unwana Udoh: That’s a whole lot of line up. The Youths really have to take advantage of this rare opportunity that you are offering
Unwana Udoh: Any last words to the youths out there?
Didi F3: Yes
 Didi F3: Start working for a better tomorrow
Unwana Udoh: Am sure they can read that,  it’s time the get busy.
Didi F3: Thank you very much
 Unwana Udoh: For people that want to get in contact with you or follow F3 on social media, how do they go about it?
Didi F3: It’s easy 
You can reach us on Facebook at Fashion and Fotography Festival – F3 while you can personally reach me with 07082739797 or 09027913909.
Unwana Udoh: Thank you once again for finding time to talk with us. We pray and hope you will always be there for us when we call on you. we at wishes you all the best

Didi F3: You’re welcome. Thanks

Feel free to drop your comments  in the comments section. 
Join the F3 Waka 




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