A Young Akwa Ibomites took to His facebook page to send an Open Letter to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State. Below is the exact copy of His letter.


Your Excellency,

I have in the past left series of short messages on this issue, here on Facebook. But, everyday I discover that my complain is either disregarded, not seen or maybe not understood. So I have taken the bother to string together words to write a more elaborate composition to you, Sir, and that decision was based on the recent set up of the laughable, “Akwa Ibom Youth Prayer Committee” by Mr. Aniefiok Iwaudofia.

Your Excellency, I was among the few people who passionatly supported your first tenure in office, because I appreciated the fact that for once Akwa Ibom State was having a business administrator as a government, which was a critical need at the time.

We had seen the days of a seasoned Architect who committed to planning and executing infrastructures in the state, the interesting road networks and attractive scenery of the state speaks to that. We moved on to 8 years of the eloquent communicator who passionately marketed Akwa Ibom State to the world. The Akwa Ibom brand was beautifully laundered under his watch.

As if it followed an order, you showed up with a promise to put food on our tables and also provide opportunities for enterprise to thrive. A vast majority of Akwa Ibomites reposed their confidence on your manifestos, which is how you emerged Governor, twice already.

We’ve watched gleefully as you’ve moved on to proving your mettle from working with almost scarce resources to kick-starting an industrial revolution in the state. Moving Akwa Ibomites from thinking about associating government with ”free money” to associating government with ”work” and ”enterprise enabling”. That transition is very good, not just for our economy but for our state’s consciousness.

Your Excellency, regardless of the commendable progress with the economy there is still a whole lot to be done. The average Akwa Ibomite is still unemployed, he still doesn’t have enough to eat yet, he still needs good medical care and his children are not yet getting the best education.

Your Excellency, on the 10th of June this year, Business Day published a report that placed Akwa Ibom as the worst place to live in Nigeria. Just before that the National Bureau of Statistics published the 2018, Q3 Labour Force Survey, which placed Akwa Ibom as the state with the highest unemployment rate in Nigeria. These and more related statistics are quite troubling because it serves as an interim score card for your administration, and certainly doesn’t leave the administration in good light.

This sure isn’t a time to call for prayers, and form prayer squads. It also isn’t time to invite the best preachers in the country to join us in ”thanking the Only God!”.

I believe in line with your Dakada pledge, it is time to actually RISE to greatness. We’ve been known to be a people of prayer: every nook and cranny of the state is populated by churches and prayer houses. I believe we should leave the responsibilities of prayers to the church and take on the job of creating job for the state. Which was the pact we had with the people.

A famous response by our Lord Jesus Christ to the issue of the overlapping relationship between church and government, ”leave to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” should be a checker for this government which I know fears God.

Your Excellency, there is a perception currently circulating that you are playing to the gallery and toying with the religious sensitivities of the average Akwa Ibomite as a blindfold for your ineptitude. But I know the Governor that could pull off the state airline carrier project is no way ineptitude. The frequent prayer summits and prayer meetings only support the former position.

Your Excellency, this is the time to write your name in history, and engaging the Akwa Ibom youths in enterprising activities is a quick way to achieving that. Not setting up a prayer forum.

I am an Akwa Ibom son and I know first hand how difficult it is doing business in this state. Please for my sake and other young Akwa Ibomites, let the energy and passion and funding for these religious activities be replaced with projects, grants and support for small and medium scale businesses. And watch how you become the ”Ano Owo Utom” Governor.

Your Excellency, I recommend that an Akwa Ibom Youth Strategy Forum should quickly replace the prayer forum and I am willing to volunteer my services and that of my team to consolidate effort with other young strategists in the state to provide solutions to the state, that is local to us and workable in a bid to change the damming narrative already in circulation.

God bless Governor Udom Emmanuel,
God bless Akwa Ibom State,
God bless Nigeria.

Head Strategist, Eikon Grae”

Here is the Link to His Facebook post.

Let’s hear your view on this issue through the comment section.


    • I swear. We all have churches, I don’t know why we are tilting too much towards religion that we forget the main essence of life. Create jobs for us

  1. I support this young man. The Governor is trying but we need more industries that can employ larger people. give us something that can take 2000 unemployed graduates off the street. we need maga industries.

  2. Well Said
    Well Articulated
    Leave what is Caesar’s to Caesar.. That doesn’t mean gov. shouldn’t support the church when need be but shouldn’t be at the expends of providing jobs for the citizenry, providing enabling environments for business to strive etc.
    Most churches are Rich and are carrying out their responsibilities ( prayers for the state and the entire Nation) diligently.

  3. Wizzy, I must commend you for this post. I know you to be a pdp faithful and I have seen you always defend Udom. You and I know that with your fb ads skills, this letter can penetrate Akwa Ibom, I know you share whatsapp groups with some of the influential people in the state but I am sure you would not post this article there, your twitter skills was seen in Ukapisua and the Carol but I am sure you won’t do anything about this.
    You intentionally avoid every gathering that would have made eager youths to learn from you. A lot of us want to go into cryptocurrency and your names keeps popping up. How can we have you and not benefit. You are good with Importation but you’ve never for once held a class to teach your people. I don’t mind paying because I know how many people get scammed try to learn these things. Look at how your new blog is ranking with ads in less than a month, a lot of our unemployed youths would be interested but no one to guide them. People like you keep allowing others to scam AkwaIbomites because you’ve refused to share your knowledge. I challenge you to start paid classes on things you know. If 1,000 of your type start sharing your knowledge, you would be amazed with how many people that will be off the street via you guys. Had to take out time to drop this message because I know you would not reply my message request if i did a regular dm. I admire you hard work but I want to learn. Start fixing classes, Share your knowledge. Stop giving us fish but teach us how to fish.


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