I hope you people Still remember the post about GNG modelling firm, well am happy to inform you that i was able to get a short interview from  one of  the Agency top model by name Mr Jhamal.
This guy is just so dope.Just read the interview and see for yourself.

Note: Unwana Udoh represents Wizzybright while Jhamal  represents Mr Jhamal of GNG.
Unwana Udoh: Good evening.
Unwana Udoh: Thank you for finding time for this short interview.
Jhamal: Thank You. Thank you for having me on.
Unwana Udoh: I’ll like to start by getting to know you.
Jhamal: My name is Jhamal. I am a Nigerian recording artist. I am African and I represent Africa and it’s culture I am also a model.
Unwana Udoh: Wow.
Unwana Udoh: That’s very interesting.
Jhamal: (Laughs out) Thank you!!
Unwana Udoh: Can you please throw more light to your place of origin.
Jhamal: Okay. I am from Delta state from Nigeria, I am from the igbo speaking part of Delta. Even though some think I we are not the main ones ( Hahaha….) so yea. I am a mixed Breed!!
Unwana Udoh: One Nigeria brother.
Jhamal: Yes… I guess you can say so.. It is important for us to understand that.
Unwana Udoh: That aside, tell us about your music career.
Jhamal: Well..! My music career is my profession and it is my business.. Right? And the brand of Jhamal is basically based on the music I create for consumers or the audience as you might call them. It’s African and I also identify wit the movement of AfroBeat and African music we create here because that is one of our major exports out of Nigeria. The industry right now is grown and is starting to have that structure which makes careers like mine and others more balanced and professional.
Unwana Udoh: Great.
Unwana Udoh: So when did you start modelling?
Jhamal: Modeling for me came as a result of my music Career,  It was an in built skill and talent I did not know I had. The fans of my music created the career for me.
Unwana Udoh: You must be so lucky to have wonderful fans that help bring the best out of you.
Unwana Udoh: Are you currently signed to any record label or modelling agency?
Jhamal: Oh yes I do,  I am blessed to have them. They actually had loads of comments about me going into modeling and I had a sit down with my team for over two years I have being considering it. Till I decided to take it professionally to add to the brand Jhamal.
Jhamal: I am an independent artist. My team are working on launching forward into a record label. I am signed to GnG Modelling Agency.
Unwana Udoh: Good luck with that.

Unwana Udoh: Talking about modelling, Which type of modeling are you really into?
Jhamal: I am into : Editorials,  Fashion and Commercial.
Jhamal: Modelling.
Unwana Udoh: That’s a whole lot of work.
Jhamal: Exactly but I love it. I love to work and I put my skill into my work. It is a whole lot of responsibility and it’s something I am up for. I do not take it for granted.
Unwana Udoh: What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?
Jhamal: Like I mentioned earlier. My shoots before I got into the modeling agency I am signed with now ( which is GnG Modelling Agency),  I was doing this for myself. One interesting shoot I had was for some  branding shoots I had. I was more excited about the outfits and pieces given to me to wear because it portrayed a different aspect of my brand. And the results by the audience was really receptive.
Unwana Udoh: Wow.
Unwana Udoh: I hope you still have them.
Unwana Udoh: We would really love to see the pictures.
Jhamal: They are actually recent shoots so yes I do have them. That would great. Thank you!
Unwana Udoh: How do you stay in shape?
Jhamal: I fell in love with working out. And it moved from a routine to a passion of the mind to just stay healthy. So I work out a lot and I have not on a major scale though but I have diet plans. ( That’s actually something no one knows.. Now you made me  tell everyone) Haha!
Unwana Udoh: Hahahaha. Lucky me.
Unwana Udoh: Maybe i will contact you personally for it.
Jhamal: Hahahah  I would be glad to give
Unwana Udoh: Do you have Any role model?
Jhamal: Oh yeah I have a whole lot. I wouldn’t be Jhamal if I didn’t.
Unwana Udoh: Just tell us one of them
Jhamal: Micheal Jackson
Unwana Udoh: Am sure you’ll surpass him
Jhamal: Thank you so much. I intend to work hard.
Unwana Udoh: Hardwork really pays
Unwana Udoh: Any special plan for the year?
Jhamal: Yes it does. It pays ALOT. In years to come when your not the hot thing anymore because this industry is unpredictable. So your hard work is great. It will tell on your brand and it will speak for you in future.
Jhamal: Yes I do have. A lot of music,  Now I am with a new agency lots of media work their to. So I am really busy but great stuffs happening.
Unwana Udoh: Great.
Unwana Udoh: What do you do at your spare time?
Jhamal: I like to travel a lot. Like I think that’s one of my favorite things to do. I also love to play games.. Watch football as well. ALOT of recreational activities. I go out to shop for furnitures.
Unwana Udoh: We share a lot in common.
Unwana Udoh: What’s the Best advice you’ve ever received?
Jhamal: Hahahah oh really that’s really interesting. We should hang out sometime
Unwana Udoh: We will surely work that out.
Jhamal: Best advice to date was one a mentor of mine told me. ” you would only to as far as your discipline can take you.
Unwana Udoh: That is surely a great mentor speaking.
Unwana Udoh: What do you have to tell your fans and other young Nigerians that also want to be models and artists?
Jhamal: Yes!!!
Jhamal: The same advice I was given because it has worked for me. Consistency is key. Also number 1 is obedience to God.
Unwana Udoh: It was really nice talking to you. On behalf of Wizzybright.com, i want to really appreciate you for finding time to talk and respond to our questions . We hope you will always be there for us when we want you. Wizzybright.com wishes you  all the Best.

Jhamal: Thank you so much. I appreciate you.



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