Garden egg  other wise known as Auberine is a common fruit that is available in so many places, but it is a sad thing to note that so many people ignore it. Maybe people ignore it due to ignorance and their inability to see the numerous functions that it plays in the body.
I have decided to Enlighten a lot of you on the need to start taking this fruit by Writing on the Health Benefit of this fruit.

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Enough of the intro, lets get to the main deal.
Did you know that Garden egg is a rich source of fiber to the body?, if you didn’t , then its time for you to Know. Garden Egg is rich in fiber and it is therefore recommended for people that are interested in weight loss. Instead of taking slimming pills here and there, you can just sit at the comfort of your home and take more of garden egg .Remember a workout plan is needed to loose weight.
The rich Fiber content of garden egg also plays a vital role in lowering cholesterol level in the body. Lowered cholesterol level helps protect the heart and lungs in the process. The fiber also aids in the digestion process and reduces constipation. Lots of us sufferer really from constipation and we all take one drug or the other, It is good to know that all those excess drugs can be avoided by including Garden Egg in your diet plan.
Another important job that Garden Egg does is that it  helps in lowering the blood sugar level  in the body and it is therefore recommended for diabetics patient.
Other functions of Garden egg includes

  •  It also provides natural source of vitamins, Helps in bone strengthening minerals and also aides the blood circulation process.
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Lest i forget, It is important to state that Garden egg is not Expensive and can be found in any food store close by. It is so much available and affordable.
There are many other functions of Garden Egg that i won’t be mentioning but with the little I’ve mentioned, I hope that  I have been able to make you see reasons with me on the need to include this Fruit  in your daily diet. So when next you go shopping, Do well to include it in your shopping list.
You can add other good benefits by using the comments section if you’ve been eating the fruit.



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