Mankind is one of the best things (if not the best) to grace planet earth. With a population of over 7.6billion people with similarities in a lot of things, yet a distinct personality. In a quest to know where He came from, some have resorted to postulating theories (such as the Big Bang and Evolution)while Others have resorted to a rather metaphysics aspect called Religion. Over the years, Mankind has survived every kind of obstacle that has threatened its very existence. From Wars to Natural disaster, He (Mankind) has conquered all. But one thing has constantly threatened His existence and that thing is Religion. With over a 100 religion(including the majors one which are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism) in the world today, Man is on a quest to unravel the very mystery that we are a part of. Religion has done more harm than good because of the way Mankind has gone about it. People have done barbaric and brutal things all in the name of religion. Let me take you down memory lane to show you just a little of all the havoc caused by Man to himself through religion. These are wars that were caused by religion

1.The siege of Constantinople

2.The Protestant-Catholic conflict of Ireland

3.The French Wars of Religion

4.World War I and II.

Terrorist groups are not left out, Some Include, Al Queeda, Boko Haram, ISIS, to mention but a few. All these religions, have some things in common 1. A scared text (Bible, Quran etc) 2. Prayer Beads 3. Belief in a Creator directly or indirectly. Now, am not saying Religion is bad, but if We can change our attitude towards it, then it is a good thing. If it is practised rightly and not at the expense of another human- being’s life or well being all together.

The Solution(s) out of this cage (religion) that man has led himself to is to first have the love for one another, regardless of Skin colour, religion or background. Secondly, No religion should be placed over the other, every man is free to practice whatever he/she chooses knowing fully well that for every choice made, he/she has to live with the consequences of it even after death (sometimes). Lastly, we should rather choose to have a personal relationship with the God of all humanity in whom essence we live and owe our existence to. A personal relationship with the creator of all humanity is the only way we can truly understand who we are and why we exist. So in conclusion, until we put the Mankind above religion, ethnicity and segregation, we are only chasing after the wind.



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