Out of the over 52 countries in Africa, Nigeria is inarguably the most blessed in terms of cultural heritage, a healthy population as well as rich economic and natural resources ranging from agricultural products to solid minerals.
Sadly, with all these gifts and natural endowments, Nigeria is said to currently be the home to the world’s poorest people. How can that be possible you may ask; is this to say that the entire estimated population of 250million Nigerians are all so blind to see that they have this resources so they can exploit them? Or are they just plain lazy as the president had earlier stated?
On the other hand, let’s look at the government’s contribution towards empowering these people for proper and adequate exploitation of all these talents buried in their land by nature. Apart from crude oil, which is the most battered resource that is driving the nation’s economy(to no visible destination), there is coal, limestone, gold, tin ore, aluminium, to mention but a few, not forgetting agricultural products can also be used in foreign exchange like; cocoa, rubber, cotton, sugar-cane, and a host of others.
The big question is why do we keep on battering and hammering on crude oil as if it is our only source? Every government that is ushered in promises to use our rich agricultural gifts to our favor but once they are inaugurated, they abandon the farmers who are even willing to farm, and go about destroying waterways and farmlands of communities in search of crude oil, when we can’t even boast of a working refinery with optimum production capacity in our country.
If we take a look at the transportation sector, there are transportation crisis every day in major cities long; cues and hold-ups that last for several hours, is a normal way of life, for a supposed lazy youth who would have to leave his/her house as early as 4:00am or at most 4:30am to be able to get to their place of work by 7:00am especially in those populated cities.
Although railway transportation has proven in recent times to be one of the most effective and safest means of transportation, our government is yet to fully implement it. For a country blessed with coal, not to have fully implemented railway transportation, goes a long way to show how ineffective our government is in the area of exploitation of our rich mineral resources. We have limestone, but we import cement for our buildings and construction works because we don’t have industries, we have rubber, but we import plastics, and tires from China and other countries. We do have cotton but we don’t have a textile industry so we import fabrics and clothes from other countries. This shows emphatically that our government does not know how to use what they have to get what they need. The earlier they fix this attitude, the better for our economy and our citizens.


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