Adding contact form in a blog is absolutely necessary because Some times people leave unrelated message in your posts comment area. Adding a contact form also gives your visitors  the opportunity to speak up their mind. Here we will see how to create contact us page in Blogger and add a simple contact form in the contact us page.

 we are using Google docs to create a contact form for Blogger .It is a spam free,easy and great contact form for your blog with lots of actions

Google docs contact forms gives you the following benefits

  • so many buttons like checkboxes,radio buttons and a list can be added to the contact form.
  • so many forms can be created
  • it is easy to create and can be easily embedded to any page on your blog.
  • spreadsheets can be easily used to view the response.

Lets get started

Log into your  Google Drive  using your Blogger account.
click create form at the top left corner.
choose a template of your choice. you can choose the contact information template and rename the title as “Contact Form”.
How to create contact page in Blogger - Contact form for Blogger
How to create contact page in Blogger- Contact form for Blogger
Just edit the basic questions and put you required questions. do well to make room for name, email, and message
 your contact form has been created and to preview this click “preview” at the top right corner.

Form Settings

Click on settings at the top right corner and adjust the settings to your test. You can allow users to submit another response, edit their response after submitting. Tick the edit after submit  to avoid users seeing your data
 click send form,  a popup window opens.
click embed and grab the iFrame code.

The Next Step Is to create a contact us page

Login to your Blogger dashboard
click on pages
create a new page
name it as contact us page. 
disable comments for that page.
paste the embed code in HTML view.
publish it.
Congrats, you Now have a powerful, yet simple contact form in your Blogger contact us page.
you can  Edit iFrame width and height to perfectly fit your blog.
Also remember to disable comments on all your stand alone pages.
CLICK HERE to learn how to disable comments on pages.

The last Step Is Receiving responses from Blogger contact form

Just Go to Google Drive and you will see contact form (responses) for your contact form. Just Open it and you can see all the responses in spread sheet.
Let me know if you encounter any difficulty in this process through the comment box.


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