Blog comments are very useful as it creates a means in which the author and the readers can engage. But however, there are some pages like Contact Us, About Us, Write For Us, Privacy Policy, Sitemap and Terms/ Conditions do not need comments .this tutorial will teach how to disable the comments on this pages because they are not needed there. 

Steps in disabling comments From Static Pages in Blogger are 
 Go to Blogger dashboard
 Select Pages Section
 Select Page and Click edit
You Will See Page Setting Options at 
the right side of the screen
Click on the “DON’T ALLOW” optionsClick done, save and update the page

The same process is used in disabling comments for a particular post  but you just need to change the second step.below are the steps involved
 Go to Blogger dashboard
 Select post Section
 Select the post and Click edit
You Will See  Setting Options at the right side of the screen
Click on the “DON’T ALLOW” optionsClick done, save and update the page
Congrats to you, you have just successfully disabled comments on any post or page
let me know if you face any challenge in the process through the comment section.


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