most times  our browser starts slowing down and sometimes crashes unexpectedly.these can cause a lot of discomfort to your web surfing experience. well, the good news is that most of those problems are caused by too much cache accumulation. it will surprise you how simple clearing of the cache will solve the whole issue. i will teach you how to clear these caches in some of these common browsers.

firstly, you must know that A cache otherwise known as a reserve is a store for brief web records which is utilized to revive the information recovering procedure. Web programs utilizes reserve to store site pages, CSS, pictures and other downloaded records as a duplicate so that it will use it next time to render the file.

The main advantage of browsing cache is that it makes opening of  pages faster and saves a lot of load time.
Despite its advantages, too much accumulation of it lags your system performance and makes your pages lag a lot.

Lets get to the main tutorial.

How to remove, trash or delete browser cache files in Google Chrome

1) In window press Shift + CTRL + Del and in Mac press command + Shift + delete which opens that pop up screen.

Deleting or trashing web browser cache files in Mozilla FirefoxOpen your Mozilla Firefox browser and drop down Firefox at the left hand top corner.
 Navigate to history tab.
 click on clear recent history.

How to clear browser cache in Mozilla Firefox web browser
uncheck everything except cache
choose the “time range to clear”
click on clear now.
3)How to clear your browser cache in Internet Explorer ( all versions)
Go to Internet Explorer
tap on gear settings symbol at the upper right corner just underneath the close button.
Next tap on the internet options
it opens in another screen
 check for browsing history in the general setting
uncheck every thing but temporary web records and data
click delete.

Alternatively, you can use Alternate way to clear reserve in Internet Explorer –  just presses  and hold CTRL  + SHIFT  + DEL  If you are using windows and command +  move +  erase ..this will open erase browsing  history. Pick temporary web records and hit erase. This also works well with IE 7 and also 8.

Clear up your browser cache in Opera web browser
Open your Opera web browser
open the  drop down menu at the top left corner
Scroll to more tools
Click“clear browsing Record”.
select “empty the cache”
Alternatively, enter  opera://settings/clearBrowserData in the search bar of your browser
Alternatively, You can utilize the following shortcut keyboard key ,CTRL + Shift + Del for windows and Command + shift + delete for Mac
How to clear browser cache files in Apple safari web browser
Open Safari  settings at the Upper right corner
choose reset safari.
uncheck everything except  “clear all sites icon” and “clear all site data”.
click reset.
All your history will be deleted
I hope this tutorial will help make your system run faster. don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any question or challenge during the process through the comment box


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