Ibom Christmas Celebration

Ibom Christmas Celebration promises to showcase the beauty of what Christmas should look like in the real world.


Christmas is undisputedly one of the most wonderful times of the year.


It is usually a season for the coming together of families to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and to also rekindle of the fire of love and hospitality.


In fact, there is no better a time to communally appreciate and celebrate the shared sociocultural pride and religious vestiges of a people than during the Christmas season.


The season is not only unique for its white lights, weather and songs.

It is also always a period where we relive our childhood social and cultural experiences.


This year, Akwa Ibom state through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism hopes to tell the Christmas story in what has promised to be one of its most unique narratives ever.

Get ready to be part of this year’s edition of Ibom Christmas Celebration.

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