I have good news for Aspiring models  and well trained models.I came across a nice Agency that can help you kick off your career. Below are the little information i could get about this Agency.

History of the Agency
The Agency was founded in 2014, on the 1st of April by two very young entrepreneurs Omoshola Ajayi the, CEO, and Emmanuel Ekpo the MD. It was first known as Star Nation Entertainment Modelling Agency,SNE Modelling Agency before the name was changed to Golden Goose Models Africa, popularly known as GnG Models Africa on April 1st, 2014.

  • To sell or portray Africa to the world through Fashion modelling.
  •  Have highly trained models and the best models.
  •  Have the best network of models in the country.
  •  Have the best coach /trainers for the models in the Agency.
  •  Have the best facilities and environment for training models and fashionistas.


  •  To train and develop the best models to come out of Africa.
  •  To have the best training facilities for models in Nigeria and Africa.
  •  To portray modelling in a good light, in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
  •  To build good character s in Models, also good ethics.
  •  To create a brand that ell be sellable and very attractive to the modelling world.


  •  To be the best Agency to come out of Africa.
  •  To be the ‘to go’ Agency for the best models needed in all aspects of modelling.
  • To be a well known business brand world wide.
  •  To be the most successful Agency to come out of Africa.
  •  To have the best models in Africa.

The headquarter is in the FCT, Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Branches also exist in Lagos and Niger State.
The Type of people that can join are Aspiring models or well trained models with specifications below

  •  FEMALE Height : 5ft 8inches tall and above. Size : size 4,6,8,10

MALE Height : 6ft tall and above. Size : 6,8, 1.

Just keep your fingers crossed as i will be bringing you more information about this firm and if possible, an interview with one of their managers or models.



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