Information reaching us has it that the youths of Itu local government took to the street in the early hours of August 14th 2019 to make their pains known to the Port Harcourt Electricity distribution company through its branch in Uyo. The protest which took place in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital had a lot of angry youths in attendance and the PHED branch office in uyo was allegedly blocked with a coffin during the protest.

According to the youths, PHED has continuously given them what they described as a 3 day in a month light schedule despite the exorbitant estimated bill being paid by Indigenes of Itu local government area.
They pleaded that Port Harcourt Electricity distribution company provide them with prepaid meters and scrap out the estimated bill currently in place.
The youths also demanded that 19 villages which make up the host community of Port Harcourt Electricity distribution company facilities be connected to the Afaha Ube power station in other to improve the electricity supply in these communities.

The youths also carried ply cards and banners with their demands clearly spelt out on them. One of the banners that was captured carried the message below “ We the people of Itu L.G.A are making a peaceful demonstration to demand for our rights.
PHED- we are your host communities with two major transmission stations.
PHED- give us electricity power supply constantly.
No light no pay.
No more electricity estimated billing in Itu communities.
Give us prepaid meters.
We reject three days monthly ration of electricity supply in Itu L.G.A
The 19 villages from west Itam must be fed from Afaha Ube power station from now on.”

Efforts to reach staffs of PHED to respond to this protest was not fruitful as at the time of this report.
We will keep you updated with more details as it comes in.

Below are some photos from the protest:


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