In a country of well over 250million people, where a staggering 80 percent of those people are jobless, 15 percent or less are hanging on jobs that don’t really settle their bills, the other 5 percent let’s say are too old and can no longer have productive contributions to make. A government, that is playing ball with the future of its citizens all in the name of politics under the disguise of democracy. They don’t care about the people the vowed in their manifestos to stand for, anyways this journal is not for criticism of the government; let’s take a look at their efforts and the contribution of the citizens towards sustaining such efforts. We shall be looking at the smallest thing such as maintenance.
The absence of a maintenance culture in Nigeria has no doubt contributed to the stagnation the country is facing today and will still be facing for as many years to come until they realize this. For example lets say a particular administration promised us street lights, and in the course of their tenure they manage to provide 40 street lights and of forget or refuse to employ a maintenance policy for the street lights, still on this assumption let’s say there was also a power generator in the picture, and I am a citizen that has been blessed with the task of buying petrol for the generator to power the street lights ok, normally let’s say after a period 90 working days the generator is going to need a routine check of oil etc I am guessing the lamps too. Now after some 8 to 9 months some of the bulbs in the street lights maybe dead but who cares? Whose job is it? Who will tell the government? When I notice after a year that all the street lights are dead, why do I need to buy petrol for dead lamps? But I still go and collect the money for petrol anyways only that this time it goes to my own pocket, for my personal maintenance and upkeep ( that’s right I have now become a petrol consuming generator ). I wouldn’t get arrested anyway, because though it looks like we have laws in this country, really we don’t. so then I don’t care about the generator anymore, everything falls apart and then a new administration comes in and instead of thinking of something else, some other project, a way forward, they begin to promise us what……..? You guessed right, street lights. Again!!
And when you look at it from this point of view, we are the ones destroying ourselves at even when we are not given the opportunity; we look for a way to create one. The quest for own satisfaction, our selfish desires, that urge to get rich quick and by any means is destroying us. Yes our leaders may be corrupt, but there were once citizens like us, before they got up there if we look at these issues surrounding us, we will see that we are the once that are helping these so-called government officials to loot and deprive us of what is rightly ours, which also goes to show that if we are given the same opportunity they have, we may do worse than they are doing. Let us train our minds to think rightly so we can act the way we think.


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