Lack Of Vision

Somebody once asked Helen Keller what is worst than being born blind? she said it is being born with sight but having no VISION.
Growing up, I have always wondered why most people don’t know what they want to do in life. This got me thinking about why there is no significant progress in our finances, relationships, education and all aspects of our lives. After thinking, reading, and researching about it, I noticed that it is because Most of this persons don’t have a VISION about where they ought to be and the little portion of persons left that have got the VISION don’t know how to go about it.

Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with great imagination or intelligence and bring what was imagined or perceived to life through hard work, consistency, persistence and diligence. There’s a common phrase that goes around d lines of “If I had a good education, if I was born in some place else, if my parents we financially buoyant, if I had this or if I had done that”. There is a myriad of excuses given as reasons why we could or didn’t live up to our life’s expectancy. My mum once told me something when I got admitted into a higher Institution. She said “THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR FAILURE”.this is true. Most of the great people we have heard of or read about in History(Jesus, Malcolm X, Mother Theresa, Zig Ziglar etc) and presently(Dangote, Lionel Messi, Bill Gates etc) didn’t have it easy. it was not all rosy with these people. They had their down-time but refused to let the wave of life take them to where they don’t want to be because they were purpose-driven, re-viewing their future(the vision they had) every day. A friend once told me that the reason why people are not always productive in life is that they spend much time and energy looking at life through its side mirrors rather than focus on the windscreen. We need not dwell on the past or look at our present situation but we should rather focus all our energy at seeing who we can be, reviewing our dreams(vision) daily and working towards it to make it a reality. So please take your time to ask yourself this few questions. By the time you have answered this, you would be sure you are on the right track in life.
The Questions are:
1. Who am I?
2. What are my dreams (VISION)?
3. What steps can I or have I take(n) to bring it to reality?
When these questions are answered, spend every minute of the rest of your human life bringing this Dreams(vision) to REALITY!!!


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