This article  will help you improve your life if you really put into practice what I say here.
It is not a thing of the other world, surely you even know some or all of the concepts, but sometimes daily life leads us to forget about them and above all to take them to the practice, so that if you take a few minutes of your time to day in them, can become a waters part.
Transform your thinking and become rich!
Millionaires think long term.
I have found that millionaires think differently than most people. They think long term.
Each social class thinks differently about money:
·         The very poor think day by day.
·         The poor think week by week.
·         Middle-class people think month by month.
·         The rich think from year to year
·         The very rich think for decades.
There are 3 main ways of thinking for these five social classes.
The main objective for the very poor and poor is survival.
The main objective for middle class people is comfort.
The main objective for the rich and very rich is freedom.
The reason why very poor and poor people try to survive and the middle class seeks to be comfortable is because they have a scarcity mentality.
They believe that there is not enough money for everyone, while the rich know that there is plenty of money for everyone.
Your way of seeing money has a lot to do with how much money you will be able to generate.
Seek and you shall find. 
If you are looking for just enough to survive, you will. If you are looking for enough to feel comfortable, it will be. If you seek freedom, you will find it.
There is a lot of power in long-term thinking.
If you make it into a habit to think long term, this can and will make you rich.
Stretch your thought even more into the future.
Ask yourself questions like:
·         How can I double my income this year?
·         Where will I be in 5 years?
·         What do I need to plan and what should I do to start my day?
Patience is an asset in the life of millionaires. Impatience is a liability in the life of the middle class.
Middle-class people want instant gratification.
The rich and the very rich develop the discipline of deferred delay / gratification.
Think long term in all areas of your life.
Think long term in your relationships.
When you do, you will show more respect to others, you will be able to think from a win-win perspective. If you think in the short term in your relationships, you will only seek what others can do for you and therefore verbal people only as a means to an end.
Millionaires develop long-term relationships, which also helps them with their long-term financial success.
They think about how you can better serve your family, friends and clients.
When you reach the end of your life, it is the relationships you have developed that will make you truly rich.
Ask yourself on a regular basis, how you can build deeper and stronger relationships with the people you love. Being rich and emotionally poor will lead to bad relationships.
Becoming rich in your relationships means true wealth. It is meant. It is the fullness.
Financial success without the development of solid relationships is not rewarding.
Think long term in your financial life and emotional life.
Think long term in all aspects of life.
It is prudent to think long term about your physical health.
With the right mindset you can end your bad habits and become a better person.
Every area of ​​your life is connected, and thinking long term in each area will improve them all.
Health, mind, body and soul.
Mentally poor people live with a lot of stress. 
They are forced to do jobs they do not like. 
They live the unsatisfactory life that is eating their soul every day. 
They know deep down that they are not satisfied since they do not do what they really are passionate about. 
Only your dream is capable of making change happen. 
Start living the life of your  dream. 
Free yourself from your mental and social pressures that limit your thinking to realize your true desires.
This is the secret of many millionaires: they do what they like to do to earn money.
This makes them rich mentally and financially.
First of all start changing your mindset in the long run so that you achieve the life you really want.


Dare to dream!


  1. I gotta share this. I couldn't agree with you more. Proper mind-setting is just so crucial. As cliche as it may sound, everything indeed starts in the head. When your mind dares to dream and remains steadfast in the dream, you'll go some places.


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