I’m Eyitemi Destiny,  I’m a graduate of Ondo State University.
I was actually expecting and anticipating the North because I’ve had a lot of the south and Really needed to explore the North.
Lately all we hear about the north is basically that of negativity. Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and all sorts of violence has constantly flooded the news once you mention northern Nigeria. I’m a Yoruba guy but I see myself as a Nigerian, exploring the north is a dream come true for me and I believe this social integration and interacting  was one of the main reasons why the NYSC scheme was established. The journey was far and hectic. I’ve not been to any other camp but I must confess that Katsina  camp is wonderful,  we have good food,  good hostels,  the commandant is friendly. I’ve  made new friends especially Dami,  although his head touches sometimes like an electric wire spark. I have one female friend too.  I’m not expecting to find love here because all I’m looking forward to is a good service year and also the ability to do atleast two certificate courses while serving. I’m open to fun but not love. Redeployment is definitely out of the question, I hate the sound of that word redeployment because I believe everyone should try new things once in a while.
I’m a type of guy that like exploring, I intend to stay for a year or two.

Feel free to tell us about your camp experience and we will post your story for our readers.

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  1. Am happy for you bestman, i remember when you saw your nysc posting ,you were indifferent about it, i thought you won’t be happy about it. I was scared for you, going to another place entirely, the north of all place. But am happy my friend eyitemi destiny is really enjoying kastina state,at least me that don’t likea the north can see that kastina state is a wonderful place to be. Enjoy your stay dear keep exploring.


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