I’m a Graduate of political science From the prestigious UNIVERSITY OF UYO,  Uyo,  Akwa Ibom State

I’ll like to say that my camp experience started with a stressful long journey from Osun state to Katsina State, initially it never seem that far when I started the journey but on getting to Zaria and that moment the driver told us “Katsina is not far anymore” but the nearest began to be the longest…. lol

Anyways, the rest is history… the most interesting and memorable experience I have in Mani Camp Katsina is my election or let me say my appointment as the Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) 2018 Batch C stream 1 president; I had the passion to join OBS when I get to camp but I never have it in mind that I’ll occupy such position.

That day after my bank registration which is part of our NYSC camp registration, I went to eat at Mami before going back to my hostel but a friend of mine which I’ll like to refer to as a new friend that I met on my way to Katsina, insisted that we should go to the pavilion and I compel but on our way we saw a group of people and like JJC, we wanted to know everything that’s happening. We approached the gathering and we discovered that they were people that showed interest in joining OBS, without second thought I join them and participated in everything they were doing. The first thing i did was contesting for the post of Secretary General which I lost to a female contestant and the camp PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER conducting the process asked me to assist her.

Now the PRO proceeded and the next agenda is the appointment of the President, he asked whoever is interested should step out and a female stepped out with no one showing interest again…. “you can do it, go out”, before I could say a word to either reject or accept, the person has pushed me out and I later discovered the hand was my new friend pushing me to the front to do it.

We are asked to give a short manifesto and after that the process begin, “if you’re for her, stand behind her and if you’re for him, stand behind him…” I never believe what happened, a Niger Delta guy took up the campaign for me and he is able to canvass more than two-third of the members for me, the PRO had no choice than to announce me as the winner.

Conclusively, I want to appreciate God and my brothers at home for the encouragement and support and all my new friends in Mani Camp Katsina, the OBS family for their support, greater heights is our portion!! Amen.


Feel free to tell us about your camp experience and we will post your story for our readers.


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