I’m Olaosun Oluwafunmilayo .I knew I was coming to Katsina even before the posting.  I schooled in the south west and I’ve been to warri in the south.. It was obvious that I was coming to The north. I was already looking forward to it although I didn’t anticipate the stress of the journey. Getting a bus was hectic because I didn’t want to travel alone.  I wanted traveling with other PCM in other to make it fun. Our bus had issues before leaving and i was worried that the bus might have issues on the road. The journey was another experience.  I ended up getting more than what i bargain for.  The other passengers were so Noisy,  the seating arrangement was uncomfortable. The funniest part was when we had to fart in the bus. I made some friends in the bus and one of the girls even ended up as my bunk mate. She’s so accommodating and we even ended up in the same platoon.
I made up my mind to be busy all through my stay in camp.  I’m the man o war special squad commander. When the call to join Obs came through,  I showed interest, stood election and ended up as  the vice president of OBS.I didn’t think been the vp will be stressful but trust me,  it involves a lot of work and running around. My colleagues have really been supporting and I really appreciate them. I love partaking in my platoon parades. I’m yet to explore the church activities the way i want but I feel happy each time I stop by the church. What facinates me most is the number of admirers i get,  I actually don’t know if its lust or love but I’m yet to explore that aspect. I think a lot of guys don’t know what they want. its hard to know which of them will lead to something serious because we’ll all leave in 2weeks time. I don’t think here is where i will find my husband,  I need a relationship that we can grow and build together. I’m taking my to avoid regrets. I had so much fun during the welcome party,  I represented my platoon on the dance floor although I didn’t win but I really enjoyed myself.  The Obs studio has also been another wonderful place as we talk and joke about several life issues. I’ve not really stayed in the hostel because of my busy schedule but I’ve not missed any meal so far. The food has not been awesome but I’ve made it awesome in my mouth. I remember loosing my voice for about 4 days but the obs, man o war and lots of friends really helped me through that period.  To everyone that told me to expect a boring camp, I’m sorry to disappoint you all,  Camp has been fun. Get yourself involved in as much activities that you can and you will experience  the main fun in camp. I’m not redeploying,  I’ve made too many good memories to leave behind.  I’ll stay here and enjoy this beautiful place.


  1. Thanks for your honesty, a lot of people always say that its boring. I’m looking forward to it although I’m just in my final yr


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