My name is Yemisi Adejoro, a graduate of Eps LA cite Du Benin

My experience in camp is one of the best memory, I will always remember it due to the thrilling experience.

After the long journey from Lagos to Katsina (24 hours journey), I finally arrived at the camp gate. I was expecting something worst on the sight around me but I was wrong. I saw beautiful bungalows painted in cream and pink ,the surroundings were looking so neat, even the hostel toilet was so clean. I registered my name and confirmed my call up letter. my stomach began growling in hunger so I decided to use the meal ticket to get food . On getting there, I was disappointed with the beans I saw so I walked to the Mami market to get something to eat, I ended up taking a plate of fried rice which was sold for 300naira. This was my first food in Camp.

I arrived at the parade ground as early as 4:30am the following day and soldiers walked around looking for scape goat to deal with… As Christians ,We started with praise and worship, meditation from the assigned platoon, news from OBS, announcements and parade. The sun in Katsina is a major problem when it comes to Parade . This camp gave me the opportunity to meet all kinds of ladies and guys from every part of Nigeria but I was only interested in few because most live a fake life. Many corps members see their service year and their time in NYSC camps as a time to misbehave and have fun but I see it in a way to learn from Katsina culture, Language and trade



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