One thing to note is that there will never be a time in your life that is the right time to do a great thing, stop waiting for the perfect timing and perfect moment that might never come.
The only thing you can do is to create the perfect moment and timing yourself. A lot of people stop growing and become satisfied with their current state, a lot of people commit spiritual sucide by not chasing their goals, they keep going to a work that they don’t like, they keep doing what they don’t want. The truth is, Until you leave your comfort zone, You will never discover the talents and abilities that you have but didn’t know you have. You need to start doing something beyond what you have been doing to start growing. Take a Ā moment and think,
what is that thing that you wanted to be, what is that goal that you wanted to achieve, Is anything worth sacrificing your happiness for?, Don’t wait until your friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters or parents supports you, get up now and chase it.If you are not where you want to be at this time, it has nothing to do with the system but its all in your mindset.
Get the positive mindset and go after your dreams because if you don’t build yours today, then you will definitely be building for someone else.Also remember that the grave yard is a place where you will surely find what would have been the greatest inventions and ideas that were never executed because of fear.
Always remember that the biggest enemy that you have to conquer is the enemy that you see right in front of the mirror.determine to conquer it by all means.
Finally, Never let today’s pain make you give up, challenge yourself and harnessed today’s pain into a song of victory tomorrow.Refuse to give up on your dreams, Refuse to give up on your career, Refuse to give up on your academics, Refuse to give up on your relationship and Refuse to give up on God.
You only get to pass through this world only once, make it count


  1. I needed this, this morning in so many ways. I have recently switched my jobs from a full-time corporate job to a freelance from home job. I have family who has voiced their distaste for what I'm doing it has brought me down. This reminded me to be positive and not let the negative get to me instead I need to fight and keep moving forward for now is my time.

  2. Starting with a dream, we'll have the strong mind to achieve it, it even comes to our underconscious mind. We are what we think!

  3. This is so the motto of my life at current. There have been so many things this year that have tried to take me down, including the too early death of my husband. Never give up trying to be and do the next right thing. Great share!

  4. Absolutely 1000% agree. I am guilty myself of waiting for the perfect time and sometimes, there is no perfect timing. Reminds me of the quote what would you do if you knew you would not fail? A lot. Best get on it! Great post!


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