Press Release On Lagos2Uyo..
Bridging the gap between seller and buyer..
People in Uyo willing to purchase items in a Lagos will now have the direct opportunity of doing so from the comfort of their homes, courtesy of an online shopping and delivery company.

Lagos2Uyo seeks to end the difficulties being faced by people in Uyo who intend getting goods in Lagos but find it difficult to.

We hope to bridge that gap.

Lagos2Uyo will serve as the bridge between sellers and buyers from two very distant areas of the county thereby easing off the stress on the buyers even more.

Rollet Oso-ovirivi ( Head Of Operations) in a briefing said ” the idea came up as a solution to end the choice constraints of buyers from Uyo in an ever evolving world with limitless choices”..

We understand that purchasing goods all the way from Lagos to Uyo is not an entirely new concept, but we have come to bridge the gap and even make it more easier for purchases, checking, confirmation and deliveries to be done in a very short time.

The challenges most buyers in Uyo face range from most goods being over priced to limited choices to mostly ordering for certain things outside of town, getting something different and more as some of the noticeable gaps.

The consequence is that the average buyer is limited in terms of pricing, choices and when they order outside, getting the wrong goods or just managing what is on offer.

Another option they have is to keep a list of items they want and wait until a friend is about travelling to Lagos and they ask the friend to purchase the items and bring them back while returning or send it through any other willing friend who is traveling and this could take almost forever. As most people avoid carrying excess-luggage and unnecessary stress.

All this can be avoided with us.

What we do in this regard is to act as conduit between the Uyo shopper and the merchant in Lagos, spanning more than 100 offline and online shops in Lagos.

In general, prospective buyers can select from a very wide array of options which will be checked, purchased, confirmed and delivered to them between 5 – 10 working days with photo and video updates all through the process.

Konfidence Lucky ( also a brand executive ) added “this will ease up the stress faced by the average buyer from Uyo and further enhance his/her productivity when they have the chance to buy exactly what they need in other to improve”

We offer a solution where we as your representatives see the goods first hand while sending the buyer detailed photos and videos before completing the transactions.

The entire process of shopping and completing the transaction through us is made very easy and comfortable.

We also offer consultancy services, with regards to buying and sending goods to Uyo.



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