In political science, a revolution is a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization which occurs when the population revolts against the government, typically due to perceived oppression or political incompetence.

It doesn’t have to be violent.

I consider the force that swept the PDP away from Aso Rock, a revolutionary force.

The people who followed Sowore to spray graffiti in Abuja and Lagos, I’m very sure most of them don’t have the major tool of revolution in a democracy – the PVC.

Even if they do, they play safe on election day. They give excuses like: “it is already rigged, you want them to shoot me? “I know my candidate won’t win so what’s the point going out to waste my time”, “all politicians are the same” etc. The mentality has to change!

If you think I’m lying, look at all the people that said they would send Buhari to Daura. Many of them didn’t bother to vote on election day.

The people on the streets inconveniencing people on the streets with protests, on election day they stayed indoors and did nothing instead of going out to vote đŸ™„.

IMN doesn’t vote, El Zakzaky is their president
IPOB burnt their PVCs and was about to boycott the polls until they changed their minds
Take-it-back folks, less than 100,000 of them turned up nationwide on election day to vote. Most of them preferred to remain indoors and “vote” on social media.

The only real revolutionaries are the Nigerians who take part in the peaceful and powerful activities that bring governments into power which is through elections and voting.

As much as I’m not even a fan of this government, the word REVOLUTION as used by Sowore and his team is too EXTREME.

I pray he’s released.

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