An average life is that state of contentment where desires and aspirations gives way for mediocrity, fear and limitation driven life either as a result of the challenges of the past or the fear of the unknown.- proverbs 22:13, proverbs 26:13.
The passage above talked about the fear of the unknown.
The average lifestyle mentality makes one want to maintain the status quo to the detriment of his or her progress or advancement in life physically or spiritually.
In 1 cor.3: 21-23…. The bible made us to understand that all things hve been given to us as sons of God.
Because of ignorance and lack of proper understanding  of Gods’s word ,some people especially church goers misinterpret living a moderate and humble life with poverty fear and a life void of aspirations and goals.
In the book of III john 1:2, God told us that he wishes above all things that we prosper and be in good health even as our souls prosper.
You will agree with me that prosperity as it is mentioned here has nothing to do with mediocrity and fear of advancement.
With so many biblical verses and spiritual instructions urging us to prosper,it will be out of place for anyone to associate with mediocrity and a life of limitation with God.

Why do people settle for the average life
Different people over time have passed through one form of believe system, indoctrination and other forms of misinformation that could possible hinder them or prevent them from aspiring for greater heights in life and ministry.
While it will be difficult to mention every reason that makes people complacent, they can however be grouped into the following points.
LOW SELF ESTEEM;Low self esteem is that kind of mindset that makes you believe some positions,levels,blessings and even anointing is reserve for some kind of people i.e always feeling inadequate.

BELIEFS AND BACKGROUND; Some Christians are brought up to believe that aspirations and desire for greater positions and level of accomplishment in life career  is covetousness which they consider to be sinful.

FEAR:The dangers of fear are much. Fear makes one settle for less in life and reduces the God nature in you and magnifies the challenges you may likely face or encounter in the next level.

Past failures:Dwelling too long in the past can make moving forward a difficult task and endeavor .paul said in phil.3 : 13-14 “I press towards the goal”

Celebrating old  successes and accomplishment for too long;So many Christians celebrate one level of success and accomplishment for too long that they forget to make move for other attainable levels of success

Lack of desire and aspiration;Most of the accomplishment we acquire as humans is due to our desire and aspiration for them;this makes us work to achieve it .if you lack desire and aspiration,you cant move to your next level of accomplishment.

Examples of those who could not maximize their potentials because they settled for the average life.
People living the average or complacent life is not new to the world,as it has been from the time of the old testament in the bible ;so many could not live beyond the average life because of one thing or the other.
Below are few examples.
Cain. In gen chapter 4,the bible gave an account into the lifestyle of cain which could have been better if he did the right thing.
Esau. Gen. 25: 32-34
The ten spies sent to check the land of canaan.num 13-14.
Gehazi. Because of lack of desire and aspiration,gehazi could not succeed Elisha the way Elisha succeeded Elijah.

Implications, dangers and demerits of average life.
People that live average life are neither here nor there as described in the bible in the book of rev. 3:15-16…….for I know the things you do ,that you are neither hot nor cold…..
This kind of lifestyle as you will see below have so many implications, dangers and demerits.

They don’t believe in themselves to achieve anything,they despise themselves and therefore tend to live below standard.paul encouraged timothy not to allow anyone despise his youthful days.1tim 4:12

They live in isolation
They don’t socialize or fellowship with others,doesnot share their challenges and problem with others so they die in silence mostly because of the fear of intimidation or inadequacy.

Living with fear.they always live in fear as highlighted in rev. 21:8, prov. 22:13 and prov 26:13.

They always see everything as impossible.they  even think making it in life is not for everyone.

Lack desire and expectation: they take whatever comes their way because in the real sense of it they are not expecting anything.

They wait for luck. 

They always want sympathy from God and the people around them:always seeking sympathy and expect everyone to treat them as people with challenges.

Laziness: average lifestyle makes one lazy accepting whatever comes.they are slothful in business.

Always comparing their life to those who they think they are better than,they forget to look at those better than them.

It makes you live in lack and want. I.e living a life of borrowing and always begging.

It makes you follow the band wagon of average people .which makes ones end up miserably.

How to push beyond or overcome the average life.
To overcome or push beyond the average life,one should observe the following.
Acknowledge that you are living an average life and that there is a problem with that.1 chron.4:9-10,exodus 4:11-13,luke 15:17-21
So many people living the average does not even know that they are complacent i.e the state of self satisfaction and not knowing the dangers and deficiencies associated with that state.
Before you can rise above the average lifestyle, you must first agree that you need to move to the next level.
Have a strong desire for change and a better life. Jabez prayers were based on desire.
Have a vision and pursue it.if you do not have a vision and a long term plan,you wont know what to do next to get closer to your goal or end is difficult to achieve your vision without planning.
Be open to change and new ideas: in your cause of pursuing your dreams and aspirations,new ‘normal’ will play up,don’t be rigid,learn what you can and move on.
Develop yourself physically and spiritually by acquiring the required competence for the next the popular saying goes,you cannot operate beyond your knowledge basse.1sam:30:6-9 david sought to increase his knowledge by inquiring from the giver of knowledge.jesus Christ used about 30years to prepare for his 3 years manifestation.elijah and Elisha in IIkings 2:9-14 is another example of preparation for greater assignment and level.
Gather the necessary information that will take you to the next level which includes training ,discipline,sharpening your talents and skills
Sow into your future and follow kingdom principles for prosperity.
Take chances and utilize opportunities .learn from past mistakes and move on.

Practical evidences of people who have strove to overcome mediocrity and complacency includes.
Joshua and caleb num 13 and 15
Esther in esther 2:10-23
Jacob to Israel in gen.26
Solomon amongst others.
Always remember that you are the one that determines whom you want to be.

By pastor tony



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