Secondary school was the best part of my life. It was the part that I had all the best times. It was there that I had my  my first crush and a lot of first Experience that i can’t mention but you are free to think wild. We lived together has a sub family and had several friends and of course some few other students that we  did not really like. Ever since we all graduated from secondary  school, we’ve been so far apart from each other. Some of us are now slay queens, some of us traveled abroad, some got married, some of us are graduates  and even came back from nysc, some are currently serving, some are still in school while some are yet to start. The truth is that we’ve all changed a lot  in different ways. I personally had friends back then that we don’t even talk anymore. But all the same, After lots of years, we finally had a chance to reunite as one of our mates lost His mother. I waited patiently for the day as i was eager to meet them up and see how far they’ve  gone in life. I was ready for any outcome and was humble enough to ask how they are making money. The day finally came, I and my friend turned Brother Nathaniel went to the point of meeting  and waited patiently for the rest. It was unfortunate  that most of our mates did not turn up as promised but a few did show up. We had payed for a bus to take us there and the few of us boarded the bus to the venue. Unlike I expected, the journey was so smooth as we discussed and laughed over several topics . We all kept our different  current status and played as if we were children. It was a memorable experience. It was the first time we shared  that amount of time  and fun together in the past seven years. It reminded me of a lot of Memories and the need to hold the first  Ever Hope Academy Reunion. If you were a student of hope Academy class of 2010 and you were not there, then you certainly missed.
More photos below
I really think a proper reunion is necessary and I would love your feedbacks will really help us plan one.



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