Everyone wants to succeed but the problem is always how they want it. A lot of people don’t know how to go about it or maybe that’s what they tell themselves.

The truth is that there is really nothing you want that you wouldn’t get. That is to say, if you want to get somewhere or get something, it depends on no other being but you, yes it depends on your character and how you choose to approach but ultimately it depends on how important it is to you, and how ‘bad’ you want it. Some biological propositions qualify every human alive as a winner at some point, it goes to say if you let yourself go, be adamant and stay focus on your goals, everything is possible. Here are some attributes that may help you succeed.

1. Faith: anyone that must succeed, must have faith in whatever they are doing. Faith in this context is creating an atmosphere of positivity, positive thinking, positive imaginations, positive ideas, and a lot more but they must breathe positivity all around them. The worst thing that can happen to any man who wishes to succeed is for such a person to not have faith and believe that they can succeed at what they are doing or what they are going to do, which automatically is a huge blunder, it can only lead to ill thoughts, fear joins the party, doubt is welcome and that idea ultimately fails. Never give room to fear, doubt, and negative thoughts; it is never healthy for successful minds. Control your fears don’t let them ruin you, be positive, and stay positive, never doubting your abilities and capabilities for there is no limit to what you can achieve unless maybe, you undermine your strengths.

2. Dedication: if you are hungry for success you need to be dedicated to your craft, give time to develop yourself so as to add quality and value to your craft. We are living in a time where everything is almost moving at a supersonic speed, as we grow by the day, so also does your need to improve your skills grow, remember that no one is above learning because learning starts when a man is born and continues till he is gone. Don’t forget also that no knowledge is a waste. So any amount of time spent on self-development and improvement , adds value to your work and keeps you at the peak of your game. It also puts you among the top competitors in the business. Life  has been and will always be a competition but compete with yourself, it will help you a lot. Also check up on your colleagues or other rivals see what they are up to because it will help you to be more creative and inventful. Be ambitious and diverse in your inventions. While being unique is good, Variety is a spice of life!

3. Consistency : yes when you are so determined to succeed, and you are hardworking, ambitious, focused, dedicated and all; it is best you keep going never slowing down, don’t take your legs off the throttle be consistent, take your routine and make it your habit, soon it becomes a part of you can’t live without, it becomes you, it is what you do that makes you who you are. Once you start you make sure you see it out to the very end, it doesn’t really matter how many times you had to restart and do it all over again as long as you know you have only one goal and that goal is to succeed at what you are doing, it has to come through. Put in all you have, don’t try one more time, keep trying until you succeed you’ve got to be persistently consistent like water, be unstoppable, don’t mind those who criticize you, they are your biggest fans they just don’t know how you manage to put it all together, they can’t help the fact that they can’t be like you. Taunting you is just a way they use to set free their frustrations, just focus on your craft, Keep doing your thing like it is your business because it is. You may fail sometimes, many times maybe but don’t give up, never back down. Consistency breeds efficiency, be yourself don’t be someone you are not, the world is waiting for you!!



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