Off and On TV Entrepreneur for the month of May is an amazing female ..

A workaholic, who multi tasks herself on a daily..

She is Pro Makeup artist, a fashion designer, a wig maker, a vlogger, a blogger and a brand influencer..

Introducing Veekee James
Creative Fashion Designer, Content Creator, Pro MUA, and Vlogger at Veekee James Group

For Veekee, working in fashion didn’t seem like a career choice, but a fate that she could not resist, as she was raised by her mother who designed clothings.

Her fashion designing career started in secondary school, even as she’s later ventured into other professions makeup, wig making,beauty blogging to mention but a few

With over a several years of professional designing, styling and make up experience, she has worked with some of our favorite celebrities, music videos shoot, and commercials.

*Gained over 6000 subscribers on her YouTube page, with over 100,000 views per page.

Has about 22,000 followers on her IG pages with a robust engagement on posts due to her monthly giveaway.

She has a dream to open a fashion, making and designing outfit in the city of Lagos, as well as be an international force to reckon with in style business.

In our exclusive interview, she noted that her career has been a journey with many lessons learned, attesting that nothing comes easily.

To get in touch with the beauty expert, her handle and blog.

Facebook ID: Veekee James
Instagram: @veekee_james @chic_byveekeejames

YouTube: Veekee James

Email address:


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