There are many journals flooding the internet and social media on this same topic or similar but am just going to highlight a few reasons why Marriages/Relationships tend to break up between the first six to eight years.
To be precise, I’ll be looking at just four(4) of them.
1. Childlessness: this is a very important factor and also a huge contributor to unhappiness in marriages, its absence is in most cases a binder of marriage, it conceals and put a stamp on it especially in this part of the world.(surprisingly, stats show that about 30% of relationships that turned into marriages was as a result of pregnancy). Children are game changers, they are the spice of marriages and homes, little wonder why it is often said that children are a gift and ultimately a blessing to their families.

2. Jealousy: this isn’t the worst thing that can happen to any relationship/marriage right? Though it seems like its not a big deal to marriages, it is quite so to relationships. Most times our friends are not so helpful, simply because their instincts for some reason tells them that the guy/girl isn’t just perfect for you. You have to Smell it right on time because they are trying to get you guys apart, run as fast as your legs can carry you and I pray they carry you far away from such “overprotective friends”. Guide yourself from such disguised jealousy.

3. Insecurity/inferiority complex: this is a huge factor that affects marriages directly. As humans, there are traits which we exhibit even when it doesn’t seem like its what we want to do. However, when couples have stayed together for so long, they begin to get uncomfortable about their body shape, boobs size, stretch marks, pot belly, wrinkles etc. they get all sorts of complexities that they feel like their spouse may feel uncomfortable with them and may likely dump them for “someone better”. Hence they begin to push themselves so hard thereby putting unnecessary pressure on themselves which may inevitably lead to frustration which can ultimately lead to the destruction of the affair or marriage.

4. Trust issues: unlike any of the factors mentioned above, having trust issues is something that anyone in a relationship should never ever wish for. It is a total “ship wrecker”, a ticking bomb, a live wire. If this virus (lack of trust) ever rocks your boat (marriage), a break-up is inevitable. As you must know, the basis of any relationship is trust, and it’s difficult and arguably impossible to love somebody you don’t trust. Therefore what do you think would happen to a home where the supposed couples can’t trust themselves? Yep! You probably guessed right; is a sham to be realistic, such a marriage would not survive.
Feel free to add your own view on why Why Most Marriages/Relationships Break Up through the comment section below.


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